Halo Escalation #3 pre-view. (comic book)


Dark Horse Comics has release 6 pages of the upcoming Halo Escalation #3 comic book, due to release on February 26. The following is the cover and those 6 pages. Enjoy!

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I’m excited for this. UNSC, Arbiter and Brutes! As well, this gets us closer to #5, which promises to be a BIG event in the Halo franchise!



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2 thoughts on “Halo Escalation #3 pre-view. (comic book)

  1. There is no doubt that this has quickly become one of my favorite comic series. I have always enjoyed the lore of Halo and what I love is how Halo: Escalation is tying everything together. Maybe not in a neat package, but it doesn’t have to.

    Frankly, this is what makes Halo stand out among all of the other stories out there. I am excited for where this is going (Doesn’t mean I don’t want it here NOW though)

    • Yeah man, Halo needed a shot in the arm and this comic series is providing that. Between having armor permutations from various eras of the Covenant, vehicles form different eras too (Space Banshee and Halo 4 styles), New Brute Chieftan armor, New Arbiter armor, even if it’s ceremonial, well there’s a LOT of room for this to expand. I can’t wait for issue #5 to hit. I’m REALLY excited for that one. I just hope I’m not hyping myself up too much for a let down.

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