A NEW Halo Comic Book is on the horizon!

Halo Collateral Damage will be available in June!

The following is a copy/paste from Halo Waypoint’s article:


Some of my favorite days are the days we get to announce new lore, and if you share such a mindset, then it’s time to get hyped because today is another one of those days. We’re excited announce a new three-part mini-series that focuses on the Master Chief during some of his exploits in the Covenant War.

Halo: Collateral Damage follows the Master Chief and Blue Team as they are deployed by the UNSC to an unstable colony world. Their mission: to terminate the Covenant’s efforts to uncover something ancient and powerful beneath the planet’s surface. However, as the mission takes a turn for the unexpected, the Spartan-II strike team realizes that the stakes of their mission are higher than they imagined, and they’ll have to rely on each other and a small group of human rebels to survive.


Alex Irvine (Halo: Rise of Atriox #4, Iron Man: The Rapture, Dark Sun) returns to the Halo universe to pen this new series and is joined by artist Dave Crosland, colorist Leonard O’Grady, letterer Simon Bowland, and cover artist Zak Hartong.

Halo: Collateral Damage #1 (of 3) goes on sale June 06, 2018 and is available for preorder at your local comic shop.

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I for one am VERY happy with this! Anytime we get more stories of Chief and now especially Blue Team, is a good…no wait, GREAT thing!

No preview yet on Darkhorse’s website. You can bet when they do post it up, I’ll have it here for your enjoyment as well!!

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Halo Library Edition Volume 1 Hard Cover

Halo Library Edition

Below is the paraphrased description of the book.

Published by Darkhorse and having been released on May 11, 2016, this 368 page hard cover book has within reprints of Halo Initiation #1-3 and Halo Escalation #1-12.

As well, there are notes in the margins that are exclusive to the book. Included also is a cover gallery of the issues and some ‘never before seen’ extras.

HFFL: I have all of these issues, however, I really enjoy having hard cover books. For one, it makes the chance of damage far less. (Comics can be a bit weak in this area…) I’m especially looking forward to the extras and notations.

The full price is $49.99, however, you can get it for $44.99 from tfaw.com. OR, if you can wait just a little longer, you can get it from Amazon for the much lower price of $32.61!

Are you or have you gotten this? I’ll be waiting for the lower price from Amazon.

Halo Fall of Reach Trade Paperback

Dark horse will be releasing the TPB of Fall of Reach in just a few days. Take a look at the cover and the first few pages provided by Darkhorse as a preview: 


Following paragraph via Darkhorse website.

In the year 2517, humanity’s last hope is with Dr. Catherine Halsey, the SPARTAN-II program, and one six-year-old boy: John-117. Kidnapped and ruthlessly trained, John endures and rises as the leader of the Spartans: he becomes the Master Chief! These legendary heroes are entrusted with stopping the Covenant at all costs…but will their harrowing biological augmentation and unparalleled MJOLNIR armor be enough to rise to victory? Continue reading

Dark Horse Announces All New Halo Anthology!

This is a reblog from Darkhorse’s website: 

Collection of new stories based on the epic Halo universe coming this fall! 

343 Industries and Dark Horse Comics are set to release a brand-new Halo® graphic novel anthology based on the massive video game franchise later this year.

Halo: Tales from Slipspace will feature all-new stories from some of the comic industry’s best—including Jonathan Wayshak, Eric Nguyen, Alex Irvine, Kody Chamberlain, Dave Crosland, John Jackson Miller, Jonathan Goff, Simon Roy, and Halo: Escalation writer Duffy Boudreau—as well as 343 Industries’ own Franchise Creative Director Frank O’Connor and Franchise Producer Tyler Jeffers. This action-packed anthology is essential reading for all Halo fans!

HFFL: I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler Jeffers back in 2012 at New York Comicon. Previous to working at 343, he was on the team at McFarlane Toys working with the Halo line. He definitely has a passion for Halo! Continue reading

Halo: Escalation #23 by Darkhorse is available!

In all the excitement over Halo 5 Guardians being released, I nearly forgot there was another issue of Escalation that came out too.

Halo Escalation #23 takes place just prior to the events of Halo 5. So this is a MUST, in my opinion, to own. It helps explain some of the campaign of Halo 5 from a viewpoint we only glimpse otherwise.


“The Absolute Record: Part 5”—The penultimate chapter of the battle for the Absolute Record . . . and the future of mankind! The epic six-part sequel to Spartan Ops continues here in this must-read issue byDuffy Boudreau (BlackAcre) and Douglas Franchin (Person of Interest). Continue reading

Halo Escalation #22 preview with covers for #23/24!

As per usual, we get a nice little preview of the upcoming issues of Escalation. Today we have issue 22’s preview. Before I get to that, let’s see what Darkhorse is saying about it:

“The Absolute Record” Part 4—On a hidden world, Spartan Commander Palmer and the fugitive Dr. Catherine Halsey go head to head for control over the ultimate trove of Forerunner secrets. The six-part sequel to Spartan Ops ratchets up to its explosive conclusion in this thrilling issue by Duffy Boudreau (BlackAcre) and Douglas Franchin (Person of Interest).

Okay, on with the cover and the first four pages (via Darkhorse.com) Continue reading

Halo Escalation 19 in now available!

The next issue of Halo Escalation hit comic book stores today.

Here is the official text from Darkhorse:

An unexpected ally joins a team of Spartans for a dangerous operation—a secret mission into a hidden Forerunner world where the mysterious site known as the Absolute Record awaits!

Now check out the cover and the first 5 pages of the book, previews courtesy of DarkHorse. That last preview page tho!!

26632 Continue reading

Halo Escalation #17 is out!

This would have been posted yesterday. However, I hurt my back, so I wasn’t able to do any blogging. So apologies for the day late article on this.


This particular issue doesn’t have any of our normal cadre of heroes. Instead the story is about a backwater planet after it’s been glassed. The issue goes back and forth between what happened in the past and what is going on ‘today’. Below will be a discussion of the issue, so SPOILER ALERT! Continue reading

Halo Escalation #16 preview from Darkhorse comics, and upcoming issues!

The preview pages for issues #16 of Escalation have now been revealed. Take a look below. After that, I’ve also included the covers for issues #17-19, as well as Volume 2 Trade Paperback of Escalation, which includes issues 7-12!

Issue #16 preview:

It’s total war as Dr. Catherine Halsey and Covenant Commander Jul ’Mdama launch their final assault to regain control of the all-powerful Forerunner Janus Key.  Continue reading

Dark Horse comics, Halo ships!

This was part of my coverage for New York Toy Fair. However, I held on to this as I was waiting on some official info from Dark Horse themselves for the product.

So here now are the ships that Dark Horse will be making available later this year and moving forward.

As you can see, the first three ships to be made are a UNSC Pelican, a Covenant CCS Cruiser and the UNSC Infinity.
DarkHorse display of 3-1 Continue reading