Halo Escalation #6 early preview (comic book) SPOILERS

DarkHorseComicsLogo The ongoing Halo Escalation series has a very interesting story coming up in issue 5. Now by the preview, we see it moves into issue 6 as well.

Here is the cover without the Dark Horse logo and other text on it, followed by a brief summary of the issue. SPOILERS!

HaloEscalation-6 cover
This cover was done by none other than Sparth of 343. It’s a beautiful shot of Pelicans flying over. We know this isn’t Requiem as that has been destroyed. So where might this new Forerunner location be and what is it called?

Issue #6’s title is: A Spy in the Ranks
It’s on sale May 28 for $3.99 and is 32 pages.
Halo Wars of old meets the Halo of the present when the UNSC infinity attempts to gain the Spirit of Fire, a ship thought lost more than 30 years previous, from Vata ‘Gaiat.
Petra’s search for the spy may mean her death and the Haloverse might be thrust into a new war!



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