No armor abilities in Halo 5 Guardians?

According to Frank O’Conner from a post on NeoGAF, he states the following:

NeoGAF no armor abilitiesHmm, I know of several Halo fans that will be VERY happy to hear this. I hope Frank/343 expound upon what they mean by this. Or if this is just the straight up statement. No Armor Abilities.

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6 thoughts on “No armor abilities in Halo 5 Guardians?

  1. Yeah a bunch of people that were Halo fans but didn’t like armor abilities would probably rejoice over this news. I never understood the hate for armor abilities (armor lock was bullsh** though) since most of them were “balanced” but I won’t mind them being gone. For me, they were just there, I never really relied on them.

    • I didn’t and still don’t mind most of the armor abilities, but can understand why others don’t like them. And yes, I hated Armor Lock as well. Promethean Vision in Halo 4 is just as bad, IMO.

      • Really? I didn’t think Promethean Vision was overpowered because when someone uses it you pretty much know where they are as well.

      • Yes, you know where they are, however you are a glowing red in their field of view while everything else is blue. So it’s EASY for them to target you.

  2. I think it would be a large step backwards. I really like having a jetpack on a level with a bunch of stairs, I really like having the thruster pack for evadeing team fire/vehicles/power weapons. theres allot of superior offense in Halo i think everyone really needs next level defense/utility. I also think allot of worth wile enough things can be done for objective and defensive tactics like the healing feild and hard light sheild and turret. impactfull abilities IMO seems to belong in halo just as much as some of the super easy to use vehicles and weapons. I think they’re also the perfect answer to old issues of map control/weapon camping and vehicle spamming.

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