Halo 2 campaign still AWESOME!

In honor of the Halo Master Chief Collection as well as the Halo 2 Anniversary portion of it being announced Monday, I decided play Halo 2’s campaign.

Wednesday night starting at roughly 10pm I started my Halo 2 campaign experience again. It had been several years since I had play the campaign and now was the time to celebrate it and relive it again. Thursday morning at just around 5:30am I finished the fight. Along the way I had lots of memories flooding (no pun intended) back to me.
• Fighting in Cairo Station
• Running the streets of New Mombasa
• The Bridge! (Really love that part for the Scorpion)
• Switching between Chief and the Arbiter
• Fighting the Heretic
• Going through all sorts of places in High Charity
• Facing the Flood (heh, no going lie, that got my blood pumping)
• The underwater transport (totally forgot about the fish)
• Attacking the Prophet
• Being the Arbiter and attacking other Covenant, giving Sgt. Johnson cover in a Banshee while he was in the Scarab

I could go on and on. Just SO many memories and still so much fun. I can’t wait to see what the new graphics look like throughout the whole campaign. We got but a taste of them from E3. If I could still enjoy the campaign in it’s original graphics from ten years ago, I’m CERTAIN I’m going to be enthralled by the updated graphics version!


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