RTX Day 2 pics


Here are several pics from day 2 of RTX. It’s a mix of cosplay, fans and the Iron Gaming tournament.

Pink and other spartans
Caboose holding his balls…no wait.Uh oh, looks like one’s been taken from him, LOL.Early morning line Day 2 rtx 2014 Aaron Morris credit
The early morning line in warped panoramic perspective.Day 2 Grifball booth
The Grifball booth awaits lots of fan visitors.RWBY
Some of the RWBY ladies. It’s awesome that they cosplayed their own characters.Busy 343 booth
The 343 booth gets BUSY!Shout I Love master Chief
The first person to shout “I love Master Chief” gets 10 years of Red Vs Blue!And the winner is Justin Moore
And the winner is fan Justin Moore. Lucky fella.
Iron Gaming Tourney at RTX
The Iron Gaming tournament in progress.Iron Gaming main stage
The is the main stage/screen for the tourney.tourney.jpeg”>tourney-447×600.jpeg” alt=”Formal at the IG tourney” width=”447″ height=”600″ />
Halo Pro ‘Formal, seen with the blue shirt and black ball cap is playing in the tournament. You may recall he was one of the Pros that went FAR into the Halo 4 Global Championship from last year.
to-tightly-packed-in-for-a-tournament.jpeg”>to-tightly-packed-in-for-a-tournament-447×600.jpeg” alt=”These guys are WAY to tightly packed in for a tournament” width=”447″ height=”600″ />
Here he is again. They were really packed in tight like sardines. That was a complaint made known to the Iron Gaming folks.A look bigger tables
So it appears Iron Gaming fixed the issue. Though not entirely. We’ll see if condito-play-the-HMCC.jpg”>to-play-the-HMCC-450×600.jpg” alt=”In line to play the HMCC” width=”450″ height=”600″ />
And finally, fans sit in line waiting to play the Halo Master Chief Collection.to-play-the-HMCC.jpg”>


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