Halo Outpost Discovery

Some BIG news dropped last night.

343 is bringing Halo to YOU! This via a traveling exhibit called “Halo Outpost Discovery”.

There is a lots to discover (see what I did there) here, so let’s take a look!

Here’s the trailer for the event:

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RTX 2017 Recap!

RTX logo

In case you were wondering why no artixcles this past weekend…I was at RTX! I saw some cool stuff and had a bit of fun along the way. So without further ado, let’s get into the recap of my experience at RTX Austin 2017! Continue reading

The purpose of the 2016 HFFL event

Before I get started, let me say that the event name will be forthcoming. For now, I’m just referring to it as ‘the event’. Rest assured it will be a Halo-themed event.

Okay, here goes!

The purpose of creating a Halo themed convention, known currently as ‘the event’

There is no pure Halo convention out there, that I know of. One or two may feature Halo prominently, but they are not purely Halo.

I want to be able to bring Halo fans together from all over the world in an atmosphere that is strictly for them. The motto for my blog is ‘By a Halo Fan for Halo Fans” and that rings very much true here as well. Continue reading

Keep your calendars open for the middle of August, 2016…

This is a early post in preparation for next year’s HFFL event. Now normally, this is where I say it’s going to be a LAN event. Not this time! Nope! I’m planning on something MUCH bigger!

I’m talking mini convention size, to start. I’m inviting all sorts of Halo communities to come to the event and set up a booth so that they can promote their communities.

Along with that, there will be a full fledge FFA tournament. AND…a 4v4 tourney as well. For REAL money, not just prizes as I’ve had the last three years.

To get this off the ground it’s going to take a lot of work and a good bit of funding. I’m going to need your help on this. I’m setting up a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the event. I’d like to ask you all to not just take a look (and hopefully donate), but also pass the word along to all of your fellow Halo fans.

I’m looking for sponsorship as well. This in the form of prizes for contests, door prizes, etc. Hoping to have something for each attendee. Speaking of contests, the event will have a costume contest. There will be different parts to this. Spartans will be one category, Covenant and Promethean two others and a miscellaneous Halo category. The winners of each of the four categories will then go to a final round for ‘costume of the event’. Continue reading

Create your own Spartan

Folks at the Windows 10 event in New York got the opportunity to create their own Spartan. As you can see by the pic below, they’ll get them in a few weeks. Unfortunately, it looks like this wasn’t open to the public as an ongoing thing.Make your own spartanWho knows though, maybe this will continue through New York Comicon? Wish I was there. I would SOOOO want to make one of these!


Halo 5 Guardians poster at SDCC

San Diego Comicon SDCC logo

Che Chou of 343 tweeted out the following image of a new Halo 5 poster available at San Diego ComicCon.


I’ve already reached out to him to ask if 343 will make this poster available on the Waypoint store. No answer to that yet, but let’s hope so. Or better comes to retail stores.

Halo Comic Con Schedule

This is a reblog from my friends at HaloArchive:

San Diego Comicon SDCC logo

Can you believe we are already at San Diego Comic Con time this year? E3 was just a few weeks ago and later this week, Thursday July 9th to be exact, we will receive more Halo 5 Guardians info thanks to 343 Industries and Halo at Comic Con! Continue reading

E3 Halo expectations and wild conjecture!

My expectation is Halo Wars 2.

This has been only slightly hinted at by the current head of XBOX. If we do get a Halo Wars 2. I hope that it’s more like the E3 Demo vid that I posted the other day. The bases are modular instead of standardized to one play space.

Since the original was earlier on in the Human-Covenant War, there are PLENTY more battles that can be shown and of course all new ones made up for this specific game.

My outlandish guess? ODST 2. At the end, Buck and Romeo get the Spartan upgrades.  Continue reading

Halo: Panel Evolved at Momocon

Today (as of this writing). there was a Halo voice-over panel at Momocon. Both Steve Downes (Master Chief) and Keith David (The Arbiter) were there.

Click on over to the link for a more than an hour long panel.

Start at the 9 min 40 second mark.


There is just TOO much to even rewrite, regarding all the goodness that is the panel. So just listen…

BloksFest Tickets on sale tomorrow!

For those who live in the UK, my friend, Simon Richard is once again hosting his annual BloksFest. This started out to be only for Halo Mega Bloks, but this year has expanded to include other Mega Bloks lines like CoD and Assassin’s Creed. (Though the frontrunner is still very much Halo)

BloksFest logo inverted color

Here is some text from there site talking about the convention: Continue reading

HFFL is going to New York Toy Fair 2015!!!

NYTYF 2015 banner

I have the absolute pleasure to announce that we will be live in attendance at this year’s New York Toy Fair!

I’ll be scouring the whole convention looking for toy manufacturers that have Halo licenses and bringing you pics and articles of what’s seen there!

This is the second time HFFL has been to Toy Fair. The last time being in 2012. You can find those articles by typing “New York Toy Fair 2012” in the search field.

Key vendors that I will be visiting will be Mega Bloks and McFalrane. There will be others though. If you have any particular vendors you’d like for me to visit (that have Halo licenses), PLEASE respond below or e-mail me at [email protected].

I’ll do my best to get to everyone of the exhibitors that has a Halo license and take plenty of pics.

Look for me to live tweet during the event, with larger articles coming later in the day.

I want to thank my incredible wife for booking lodging for us. We’re able to make this trip possible for LESS than $300 for the whole weekend. That’s freakin’ outstanding, considering New York prices.