RTX Day 3 pics


Some of the following pics are from day two, with the latter being day 3 pics.

Master Chief scanned 3d at RTX
343 tweets out this great Master Chief cosplay. It was scanned it in, for who knows what???Another shot of the large Mantis fan Shawn K RookerFan Shawn K Rooker poses with Mega Bloks’ large Mantis build.Achievement Hunter Panel
The Achievement Hunter panel. There was a LOT of fun stuff that came from this. Most of which can not be repeated here.RWBY cosplay cast and crew
RWBY cosplay cast and crewRWBY on the Warthog
RWBY on the Warthog.Cortana does Grifball
Cortana does GrifballNose off with Gavin - fan wins
THE nose-off with Gavin and the fan WINS!The Halo Water Bottle
I would LOVE to have this water bottle. I hope it becomes available on Waypoint’s store.
Lucky fan gets Chief Costume
This lucky fan gets a chief costume.

There will likely be more pics of RTX day 3 to come.


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2 thoughts on “RTX Day 3 pics

  1. https://blogs.halowaypoint.com/en-us/blogs/headlines/posts/halo-at-rtx-2014

    This Halo Waypoint post explains what the Master Chief cosplay armor:

    A Fitting Tribute
    The 405th Infantry Division are some of our favorite Halo fans. They are passionate and gifted costume and prop artists and all-around fantastic people that make every event they join us at more incredible.

    Earlier this year, one of the 405th, Ash Turner, passed away suddenly. A gifted photographer and passionate gamer, his loss was deeply felt in the 405th. His incredible Master Chief armor was donated to the 405th and as tribute to his many contributions and with the help of Captured Dimensions, we’ve immortalized Ash’s armor in 3D.

    We’ll be working with the good people at Captured Dimensions to create a 3D tribute for the 405th and be sure to share that with everyone in a future update.

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