Modder finds a way to drive the Mammoth in Halo 4

Okay, so I do not support modding multiplayer as that is cheating in a competitive mode. Not that I support modding at all, but I do have to say that being able to drive the Mammoth was one thing I was really hoping to do. Below shows modded Lord Zedd driving the Mammoth. Watch all the way until the end…

Gotta say that looks pretty darn cool!!!


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2 thoughts on “Modder finds a way to drive the Mammoth in Halo 4

  1. Modding in Halo can be awesome depending on how it’s used. I used to play Halo: CE on the PC and the modded stuff that the community made were pretty cool. In this case, it’s modding in Halo 4’s campaign which I feel is perfectly acceptable seeing as it isn’t negatively affecting anyone. Just remember that modding doesn’t always mean cheating.

    • Yep, that’s pretty much how I look at this particular piece of modding. It’s not being unfair to anyone. Well except those poor digital Covenant who got their butts handed to them, LOL.

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