HUNT the TRUTH Episode 01: A Hairline Fracture

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Master Chief was born in the metropolis of Elysium City. Then known as John, he grew up like any kid in the Outer Colonies. Childhood playmates and school teachers share charming stories. But what happens when a single document throws everything into question?

      Episode 01. A HAIRLINE FRACTURE - Keegan-Michael Key

SPOILERS BELOW (if you didn’t listen to the episode above.)

Okay, now that you’ve listened to it, what do you think? We know that John was kidnapped at 6 years old. So his clone lasted for a whopping 6 years! Current records indicate all of the other clones died weeks after replacing the Spartan child candidates.

The comment by Dion, regarding everyone who went through the glassing of their planet and John rising up to do what he did, honoring the rest of the planet, is inspiring!


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  1. I think u might be wrong. I think That dion was told to say that by oni since it says that they were already set up a list of interviews.

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