Fantastic Color Pencil Master Chief fan art!

A few weeks ago, I finally joined Instagram. Mostly to post a shot or so of collectibles I review. However, I stumbled across this amazing piece of art. I asked the artist for permission to post and he gave it to me. So look no further…Master Chief in color pencil!

abesmonkey Chief-0

Now, if you want to see this piece of artwork in progress, just scroll down….

Before you scroll, I ask on behalf of the artist to not repost this anywhere else, without his permission. There is a link to his Instagram at the end of this article if you want to get permission from him directly.abesmonkey Chief-16abesmonkey Chief-15abesmonkey Chief-14abesmonkey Chief-13abesmonkey Chief-12abesmonkey Chief-11abesmonkey Chief-10abesmonkey Chief-9abesmonkey Chief-8abesmonkey Chief-7abesmonkey Chief-6abesmonkey Chief-5abesmonkey Chief-4abesmonkey Chief-3abesmonkey Chief-2abesmonkey Chief-1

And again the final piece:

abesmonkey Chief-0

Simply amazing, IMO!

Source Link: Dean Abrams
Remember, do not post this elsewhere without his permission. Please respect his wishes.


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  1. Woah! This is phenomenal! How is that even color pencil?

    I wish that I was half as good as this!

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