Halo 5 Official Images: Multiplayer maps Empire and Fathom

Halo5-Logo-RGBYou want Halo 5 Guardians images? Well, HFFL has got them for you!

Here’s a look a multiplayer maps Empire and Fathom! 25 images!

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Let’s start off with Empire. What you’ll see here are 3 views of the redesigned side entrance into one of the bases. (It’s of course the same on the other side as well.

The Beta design:H5-Guardians-Empire-Establishing-Electrical-Beta-Comparison-jpg

A comparison between old and newH5-Guardians-Empire-Establishing-Electrical-Comparison-Stack-jpg

The New design. (This format carries through with the other 6 Empire pics: Old, Comp, New)H5-Guardians-Empire-Establishing-Electrical-jpg






H5-Guardians-Empire-Establishing-Halls-jpgSince I only have the Beta to go by, this change just from viewing it here seems good. The positive thing about it, is that the base is at least slightly more protected from various entryways. You can make the jump from that right most ledge to the new wall. From the ground it’s two jumps. First to ledge, then to on top of wall.

One other major change is those pillars that were at the bottom main window. Those have been removed in favor of better site lines.

Again, without having played on the new version, I’ll say this looks like a good improvement.

Now let’s check out the new map, Fathom!

This map is in an underwater base. A first for Halo!!


These first three are establishing shots with out gameplay being shown:H5-Guardians-Fathom-Establishing-Battleground-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Establishing-Blue-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Establishing-Sub-jpg

These next ones are gameplay shots from camera (monitor) view:


I really like that there is ambient life swimming around the outside of the map. Makes this feel more realistic and not too empty.H5-Guardians-Fathom-Hydra-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Power-Rush-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Red-Route-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Sparklers-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-Thrust-Saving-Grace-jpgAnd these last three of from your HUD view:H5-Guardians-Fathom-First-Person-Knockout-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-First-Person-Skirmish-jpgH5-Guardians-Fathom-First-Person-Sub-Shop-jpgIt looks like there are a lot of nooks to camp at….camping, it’s a necessary tactic sometimes. Rolls eyes, LOL.

With ledges, short and long sight lines and smaller rooms, this looks like a fantastic map to play on!

So which one looks better to you? Since I’ve played on Empire during the Beta, I know it looks good and gameplay moves quickly. But for me, there’s just something more about Fathom. I suppose that it’s because it’s an enclosed map and has the creatures swimming outside. That gameplay on it is going to be FUN!


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