Halo 5 Official Images: War Zone!

Halo5-Logo-RGBYou want Halo 5 Guardians images? Well, HFFL has got them for you!

Here’s a look War Zone! 38 images! (By the title of some of these, it appears the name of this map is ‘ARC’, though don’t quote me on that.)

If you repost these anywhere, please be kind and say you found them here on HFFL. A link back to the blog would be much appreciated. Also, be sure that you’re following Microsoft’s rules with regards to these assets. You are not to make any money from them.

Click on each to make bigger or right click to download.

First here are four establishing shots without gameplay:

Okay, first things first… What is that vehicle in the mid-ground? And is it drivable? I doubt it’s drivable as it’s actually HUGE!H5-Guardians-Establishing-Warzone-ARC-Away-Team-jpg

Would that be a colony ship about to blast off? And we play UNDERNEATH it? Cool! (or is it, HOT) LOLH5-Guardians-Establishing-Warzone-ARC-Blast-Zone-jpgtories-jpg” width=”2560″ height=”1440″ />

Below is one of the cores. If you’re on the opposing team, you can blow this up and win, regardless is the other team is way ahead of you in points. It’s just one of the ways a team can some back from near defeat in War Zone!tor-Reaction-jpg” width=”2560″ height=”1440″ />

Next a couple views from the HUD:

That Forerunner ship in the top right of the first pic and left middle of the second one is a Phaeton. An awesome looking ship, if you ask me. AND….it’s pilotable!! YES!!!H5-Guardians-FP-Warzone-ARC-Aim-High-jpgH5-Guardians-FP-Warzone-ARC-Blast-Zone-jpg

A whole slew of pics from gameplay:

H5-Guardians-Warzone-ARC-Blue-Blitz-jpg IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2495 IMG_2494 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2491 IMG_2489

The deadly Promethean Soldiers!IMG_2488

The Ghost has gotten a redesign.IMG_2487 IMG_2486 IMG_2485 IMG_2484

Some shots of the ‘Holo Lens Experience”. (more info on that as it becomes available-it appears to be an E3 display.) With this come to VR for you? Hopefully as that seems to be part of the plan for Microsoft!


And a video of it!:

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