Halo Wars 2: Brute leader bust

Halo Wars 2 logo croppedBy now you’ve seen the Brute leader from the Halo Wars 2 trailer. I posted this earlier this month.

What you may not have seen is a sculpted bust of the Brute leader. So let’s take a look, shall we?

He’s an ugly mug, isn’t he? Not the sculpt, the actual character. I like that he’s got a kind of Scottish/Viking feel to him. This may be an insight into his character.

Halo Wars 2 Brute leader bust -2

One thing interesting to note is the three-pronged attachment to his skull. Is that part of a backplate with his armor? Or, is it fused to his head. I attempted to get an explanation of this from 343. They said we’d have to wait to learn about that.Halo Wars 2 Brute leader bust

Additionally, who is this Brute? I gave this some thought. Is it Maccabeus? (Tartarus’s uncle, for whom he destroyed and gained leadership of the brutes) Is this a younger Tartarus himself? Or someone new? Another fan pointed out to me that with regards to the timeline, this couldn’t be Tartarus’s uncle as he was killed before the events of Halo Wars. Another big clue (that you can find in the trailer, through the link above), is that this new brute has a robotic arm. So it’s clearly not Tartarus either.

Count me intrigued by this character. We definitely need the Brutes back in Halo.  This one looks punishing!

Will this be something that we can get? We’ll let’s speculate a little.

If we are able to get this, the most likely way is through an upgraded set of Halo Wars 2. Meaning a collectors edition or something like that. Will this be painted? Who knows. I like it as is. If it get’s further refinement and paint application, I’d be okay with that too.

So what say you folks? Intrigued by the character? Will you get a collector’s edition if this bust is included with it??



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4 thoughts on “Halo Wars 2: Brute leader bust

  1. I really like this bust. I’ll add it to my collection if possible. I will get HW2 collectors edition regardless of the bonuses , but this would be great to have as part of it

  2. This looks really cool. I don’t know if I will get it yet (it is a year away) but I may start putting money away after October again to get it.

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