More Firefight Pics and video!

IGN just released a video on some of the new stuff coming to Firefight. It heavily features the new vehicles.

Here are some key screenshot from the video:

Here are four successive pan shots of the Gruntbuster (Yes, I know it’s the Goblin, but I like my name better, LOL).Gruntbuster Pan_SM

Here we see the Goblin charging right at us, with the Wasp coming in for the kill as well.Wasp N Gruntbuster

A new boss. Commander Malice!Commander Malice

A shot of the Wasp from the aft view. This on Urban, the Assault version of Battle of Noctus.Wasp Aft

If I have this correct, the map name here is Sanctum. The scene itself is great, with a Wasp flying though an arch to the main battlefield.Sanctum Wasp

Another shot of the Wasp, this time assaulting the enemy!Sanctum Wasp side

We know about the Temple Banshee. Here it is in action!Temple Banshee

As I correctly surmised, we are also getting a Temple Wraith and Temple Ghost as you can see by the pic below.Temple vehicles and Wasp

Spartans rushing out of a location on the Sanghelio map.Racing out

This is the room they came from.Inside Temple

I’m liking everything I see here.

Okay, Okay…so here’s the full vid from IGN, so you can see it all for yourselves.

Cool stuff, huh?

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