HFFL LAN Event info

HaloFanForLife.com’s first ever LAN Event!

• DATE/TIME: Saturday, September 14. It will be a 3 hour event, from 5-8pm.
 COST: The cost is $15 per person. This will include pizza and a drink as well as use of the gaming equipment. I will also be holding a FFA tournament within this LAN for prizes. Prizes. (See Below.)
 LOCATION: Game On Party Planners LLC
1105 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15237
(Diagonally across from Sir Pizza, behind Fischer)

The Event schedule:
• Meet and Greet
• FFA Tourney
• Pizza
• Halo Showcase (“show and tell”)
• Casual Halo 4 gaming

If you plan on attending, I will need a few things:
• E-mail me at sal@halofanforlife.com with your intention to come to the event.
• You must be 18 years of age or older. ID will be checked. If you don’t have ID you will not be allowed in. You MUST sign a waiver, stating you will NOT drink alcoholic beverages at the event. (There MAY be alcohol present)
• Payment must be in cash at the event location.

Since this is an adult event, if you are 21 years of age or older, you are permitted to bring alcohol, however you MUST sign a waiver absolving both the gaming center and myself from any alcohol related actions. This is mandatory. If you don’t/won’t sign it, then please do not attend. Neither the business nor myself can afford a lawsuit, which I hope you all understand. Again, under 21 will NOT be permitted to drink alcohol, nor will you be admitted if it’s suspected you were drinking alcohol before the event.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the gaming center where the LAN will be held. Got to talk with the owner about how I want to set up some Halo things to display. Here are a few pics of the place the LAN will be held at (It’s bigger than it looks in the pics):

dsc_4041rGameOn LLC Front Desk with Bathroom
As you can see there is a bathroom. As well, the owner informs me that he will have snacks for sale. Everything is $1 each with exception to 5-hour energy drinks. You of course can bring your own snacks.
GameOn LLC Display area
In this area is where I’ll have much of my Halo display and where we’ll have the Halo Showcase portion of the LAN.
GameOn LLC Some of the set-up
Part of the set up. The larger TV will be used to watch the FFA tourney once a person has been knocked out of it.
GameOn LLC  More of the set-up
More of the set-up. He has a total of 16 tv/console set-ups. So no equipment is needed by attendees. Just bring yourself and whatever drinks/snacks you want for the night.

MB grey logo

Beyond this, I also got some great news from Mega Brands, makes of Halo Mega Bloks. They will be donating prizes for the FFA tournament. As well, they will be providing additional items for door prizes to be given to each paid LAN Event attendee.

These prizes are:

1st place: one each of the Halo Mega Bloks Night Ops Gauss Hog and Anti Armor Cobra (total value approx $83 before tax)
2nd place: Mega Bloks Anti Armor Cobra (approx value $50)
3rd place: Mega Bloks Night Ops Gauss Hog (approx value $33)

I’ve already reviewed the Gauss Hog here.
Here’s a pic of the set for reference:
And a reference pic of the Anti Air Cobra:

The event will be streamed on Twitch.. Live video/commentating as well.

I am happy to report that the HFFL LAN Event will have at least two special guests. Dustin “Dust Storm” Pettigrew, host of the longest and most popular Halo podcast on the net Podtacular.com, will be in attendance. It’s his Twitch channel we’ll be streaming the event through.

GH057ayameAlso, Eric “GH057ayame” Hewitt, former National Halo Champion and current Halo commentator, will be there. Not sure if I can get him to commentate the FFA mini-tourney here, but we’ll see…

So here’s a chance to meet two important Halo community members in both Dustin and Eric.

I have decided to bring some rare and other collectibles for viewing.
Mega Bloks official “Forward Unto Dawn” set and custom Covenant Cruisers I’ve built
• 3 foot tall Halo 2 Master Chief
McFarlane’s Master Chief Vs. Hunter statue from the “Forward Unto Dawn” series. This is one of only 500 produced and you’ll have a chance to see it in person.
Fatheads 7ft tall Master Chief wall applique (This really needs to be seen in person to appreciate it!)
• I may be bringing other things. That will be a surprise…

There will be some time set aside during the event to showcase Halo collectibles. So if YOU have something unique/rare/or just something directly Halo related you’d like to show-off, PLEASE bring it! Also, if you have some kind of Halo attire, be that shirts, hats, pins, please wear them to the event. Represent HALO!
This isn’t mandatory of course, just something neat for a Halo related event to show on the stream as well as have in pictures.

On that note, I do want to mention that by coming to the event, you agree to have your picture taken. This may or may not be posted on the blog/twitter/facebook. No reimbursement either. This is just a fun event folks.

After the Event, those interested may want to join me and others in an “after event” get-together. Details for the after event are still being worked out.

As I get news on the exact prizes or anything else new for the event, I’ll continue to post updates for the LAN.

Hope to see you there!!!