Would you like HFFL to have a gaming group?

Several subscribers to the blog have shown an interest in there being a HFFL group. I’d like to get some feedback on that idea. Would you be interested in joining the group if I created it?

Before I start developing this group, I’d first like to just gauge interest. Please take a minute if you will and think on it and answer these basic questions:

Would I join the HFFL gaming group?
Would I adhere to the rules of the group?
Do I have the time to be an active member of the group?

Yep, just three simple questions so far.

What I’m seeking for in members are those that are really interested in joining a group, that will follow the rules as I lay them out, and will be active. How much activity in the group, I can determine later. For now, I’d be looking for people who would game at least 2 nights a week with other HFFL members and post a response at least twice a month here on the blog. When I get a forum up and running, I’d want more participation than just responding to articles on the blog.

This group would be a PG-13 rated group. So no hate words in games (for instance “gay” and words similar in nature). No racial slurs, and so on. Cussing I would want to keep to a minimum if possible. Yes, we all get frustrated in games and let slip the occasional cuss word. I do it, so I won’t expect others not to.

The point is, I want this possible group to be respectful of others. We’re here to game, not to trash talk or be immature (well to a point, LOL).

Now the other part of this is how we would approach gaming itself. While I LOVE to win, for me anymore, it’s not the end all be all of gaming with a group. I want to have FUN. That is the key for me. So long as everyone is giving the earnest in trying to win, I’m fine if we lose, as long as we’re having fun gaming together.

Being a skilled gamer will NOT be a requirement to be a member. It helps the group overall yes, but it will never be the crux of being a member.

Alright so there are the basics. Please give it a thought and reply. You can reply to this article OR e-mail me at sal@ halofanforlife.com.

One main requirement would be that you have to be a subscriber to the blog as well. That’s free folks and takes literally a minute to sign up.