Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Mammoth; Part 2 Lower and Second Levels

This is the second of a four part toy review for the Mega Bloks UNSC Mammoth. In this part, you’ll see how the lower and second levels come together.

There’s more than 40 pics in this part of the review, so let’s get started.

MB Mammoth bottom level baseThis is first couple of steps to build the base of Mammoth. All of the weight of this model is going to be supported by the base so it has to be sturdy and strong.

MB Mammoth bottom level base 2These next few steps to building the base of the Mammoth show just how many more plates are added to strengthen it.

MB Mammoth bottom level base 3The base ends up being 4 plates thick. Believe it or not, that’s quite enough to keep the Mammoth propped up.

MB Mammoth bottom level wallsThe first few steps of the lower level (garage) walls go up.

MB Mammoth bottom level walls 2The next few steps. By this point the build has felt similar to the UNSC Elephant’s build at the beginning. But that quickly changes after this.

MB Mammoth bottom level rampsHere are the ramps and side doors.

MB Mammoth bottom level FINAnd here they are attached. This is looking more like a World War II landing craft at this point, LOL. 

The next few pics will show the stages of build for the side command deck windows.MB Mammoth side wall front
MB Mammoth side wall front 2
MB Mammoth side wall front 3
MB Mammoth side wall front 4 FINThis last pic of the side command deck window shows it turn around as that is the outside of the window.

The front grill takes shape in the next two pics.MB Mammoth grill
MB Mammoth grill FINThere are a lot of “greeblies” on the grill. I love it!

The next several pics show how the rear second level walls are build. Since both sides are the same (but flipped) I only show one of the walls being built.MB Mammoth side wall back
MB Mammoth side wall back 2
MB Mammoth side wall back 3
MB Mammoth side wall back 4 and bridgeHere are both rear walls built, plus the bridge that crosses the middle of the second level. There are small alcoves in the rear walls at the back that can fit a figure or weapons if you so desire.
MB Mammoth side wall back 4 and bridge FIN
And here they are attached. The Mammoth is really starting to build up at this point.

These next several pics show the construction of the bridge deck and connecting windows.
MB Mammoth command deck
MB Mammoth command deck 2
MB Mammoth command deck 3 Rolands Dias
This is Roland’s “Dias”. Mine wasn’t working. I even replaced the batteries to make sure. Thankfully, Mega is great for replacing parts. More on that later.
MB Mammoth command deck 4 Rolands Dias 2
MB Mammoth command deck 5
MB Mammoth command deck 6 side walls
Here are the side windows from earlier.
MB Mammoth command deck 6 side walls 2
MB Mammoth command deck 7
MB Mammoth command deck 8 grill
The grill is about to be attached.
MB Mammoth command deck 8 grill 2
MB Mammoth command deck 8 grill 3
MB Mammoth command deck 8 grill 4
The next pic shows the attachment point for the bridge deck on one side.
MB Mammoth command deck 9 attachment point
MB Mammoth command deck 10 back walls and bridge
Now the Mammoth is REALLY taking shape. Adding the bridge immediately adds a lot of character to the vehicle.

The next several pics show the construction of the mid walls on the second level. Again they are the same for both sides, just flipped. Only exception is the weapons placed in each of these walls.MB Mammoth mid wall
MB Mammoth mid wall 2
MB Mammoth mid wall 3
MB Mammoth mid wall 4 both sidesBoth side mid walls. You can switch weapons as you like. That’s not a critical step.
The next steps show how these walls connect with the model.MB Mammoth mid wall 5 attachment point
MB Mammoth mid wall 5 attachment point 2
In the above pic, note just to the left of the sniper wall, there is a rod that connects with two “c” clamps on both the wall AND the side bridge. This helps to secure the bridge in places as the side walls are actually on a hinge so that they can make that angle. Great design here.
MB Mammoth mid wall 6 fin
The model so far. Wow, is it really coming together or what? It’s HUGE!
MB Mammoth front flaps
These are two side panels that are added to the side bridge walls.
MB Mammoth front flaps FIN
And finally below, there are two small walls that will actually hold one of the roof panels.
MB Mammoth mid SMALL walls

At this point, I need a bit of a break from building as I had been building for a few hours already. Tomorrow I’ll show you how the roof panels are assembled and attached. So stayed tuned for HFFL for the continuing toy review of the Mega Bloks UNSC Mammoth!

And please reply below with what you think of the review thus far.

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6 thoughts on “Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Mammoth; Part 2 Lower and Second Levels

  1. You got a yellow light up stand for Roland?….some people got blue

    • I did. I think the blue ones were the pre-launch ones. Mine unfortunately wasn’t working though. Replaced batteries and still didn’t work. Called Mega to replace. More on that in the last part of the four part review.

  2. Sweet! It’s looking great, Sal.

    The bricks look metallic, but I don’t remember the Mammoth looking metallic in the game, wasn’t it yellow?

    • It’s a sandy tan color in-game. The choice of blok color was made by the then VP of Boys Brands and Mega. It works. Believe me, in person it looks GREAT. I think if it were lighter in color it might lose some of it’s grandness in scale. The reason for the color was to match a previous vehicle, the first Scorpion Mega Bloks set, IIRC.

  3. It’s quite a bit more big and spacious than it looks in the box art, and i like all the detail in it.

    • Wait til you see the finished Mammoth. With all of the ramps and removable sections, it really is a playset as well as a vehicle. I’m SOOO happy to have it. Yeah…I’m a big kid at heart, LOL.

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