What If there were a new race introduced into Halo?

This article was sparked by a discussion on Halo Reddit. The question there was: What kind of enemies do you want/think we will be fighting in Halo 5?

Here was my response to that question: 

It’s pretty well assumed we’ll face off against the Storm faction of the Covenant again. We’re going to have to take Jul ‘Mdama down. As well, I’d guess we’ll see the same Prometheans…AND a few more. Originally there were 6 planned Promethean types to fight. However, 343 was having a hard time designing the Knight that they never got around to the other three. Those were to be named: King, Queen and Pawn. The Crawler is considered the pawn now, so we might only get two more new Promethean enemies. As for a new Covenant race, I’ve been wanting a new race for quite awhile now and fully support this idea. As to what kind of race, your suggestion of a feline race would be welcomed, though I’m not sure how well it would fit into the Halo-verse. It would have to have some feline properties, but not look specifically like a feline. Note the Brutes are simian in nature, but do not exactly look like Apes. Similar with the jackals/birds, Elites/Dinos. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing an all new race come in to play, but not as a part of the Covenant, but a whole other race to contend with. This could cause 3 or 4 way battles between, Humanity, Covenant, Prometheans, New Race.

So with that in mind, would you folks like to see a NEW race in Halo? Either aligned with the Covenant OR a race independent of any currently in Halo? If so, what kind of being would you want it to be related to? 

I do like the idea of a feline enemy race, however, I’m concerned that they would look TOO cat like. The Jackals are a good representation of a avian-like race, without looking TOO much like birds. With this in mind, can you come up with a drawing of a new race for Halo? Base it off of something here on earth. Something relatively like the other races of Halo, i.e., two arms/two legs/one head. In other words, humanoid.

I’m going to work on something feline related. Feel free to use that theme too or pick something else. I’d love to see what you folks might come up with. If you do draw something, send it to [email protected] and I’ll post it here on the blog in a follow up article to this one.


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4 thoughts on “What If there were a new race introduced into Halo?

  1. maybe they could do something with the precursors. the race that came before the forerunners. like maybe the precursors want to help the humans against their old foe (the precursors made the flood, i think). then the forerunners want to wipe out every race! even their allies the covies. so they take sides. and the forerunner/Human/Precursor/Covenant War begins.

    • I do think Precursors will eventually come into Halo as characters. Though i do not think it will be in Halo 5 Guardians. It seems a little too soon for that. Possibly Halo 6.

  2. I would like to see them use the mysterious crashed ship that 343 Guilty Spark mentions in the CEA terminal for assault on the control room. It does not look like any other ships seen in Halo thus far so it could represent a new race. It crashed some 7000 years before the events of the first Halo game, so it definitely is not human. I would have to recheck some dates to be sure, but I believe it predates the Covenant as well. Both the unusual design and early date are indicators that it is an as yet unmet species.

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