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Uh, I abhor that I even need to post this. I apologize for that…

This past March marks 3 consecutive years I’ve been unemployed. As a disabled veteran, you’d think I might have an easier time gaining employment, but alas that hasn’t happened. I’ve applied for many hundreds of jobs in that time frame. Funds are pretty tight for me and I do not qualify for even some of the most basic programs that would alleviate the need for me to even post this article. So here I am asking for your help.

The renewal for comes up in September. As well, the 2nd Annual HFFL LAN is in August. Last year I didn’t have to pay for renewal as it was the second year of my 2 year plan. As well, the LAN last year was on a shoestring budget.

This year I need help raising funds for renewal of the site. It’s much cheaper to go with a multi-year deal than yearly. So that is what I’m striving for. I will need a little bit more than $300 for two years. I’d like to go for the 5 year plan which saves me even more. That would take $600 to cover. This also helps to ensure that HFFL will be around that long!

On top of this is the LAN. All told, I’m going to need $700 for that this year. That includes the business I’m hiring to bring their equipment to my home for the LAN, as well as food, drinks, prizes and such. I’ve already petition sponsorship form several business. So far to no avail, though I am waiting on a couple others to respond.

I’m NOT asking for anyone to go out of their way here. As I’ve mentioned many times before, HFFL will always remain free to join. HFFL is not like other fan sites that charge you for membership or for getting into an ‘inner circle’. I just don’t believe in that kind of stuff as we’re all fans. So we shouldn’t be charging others. However, there are things that cost real money. So I’m asking for small donations.

If I were to get just 50 cents from every (unique) person in just ONE day of the 365 days a year as donations, this would cover those costs above. I might even have a little extra to either make the site better, run faster or have better offerings at the LAN.

It is my sincere hope that you find HFFL worth 50 cents. Again, this isn’t mandatory. It’s not a membership fee or anything of the like. You give as you want to or not. As I said, I hope that what HFFL has provided to you in the form of all things Halo including: entertainment, news, product reviews, discussions, fan art, forums and so much more, is worth that small donation. You donation helps to ensure that the site and all it offers will be around for year to come.

You can donate by clicking on the donate tab in the right menu bar on the main page (via paypal), or by donating directly to my paypal e-mail address: [email protected].

Any donation is most appreciated. Please consider it.

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