New Halo Mega Bloks Minifigures soon!

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Mega Bloks let know via their Facebook page that the new articulated mini figures will be available in stores soon. Here are some shots of those. They also have removable armor.

Orange Gungnir
A Gungnir SpartanLime Green Oceanic
An Oceanic Spartan
Red Mk VI H4
A Red Mk VI (Halo 4 style) SpartanGold Recruit
This Gold Recruit is actually Spartan Davis from the Halo game Spartan Assault.Carter
Carter from Reach (Also, Jun will be coming soon. Might Mega make ALL of Noble team? I hope so!)
UNSC Marine H4
Even the Marines get the added articulation and removable armor.
NMPD officer
A NMPD Officer (new to Halo Mega Bloks) has similar treatment.
Orange JFO
I saved this one for last. It’s a JFO helmeted Spartan. This holds special significance for me as this was the armor I used in Reach for nearly my entire Reach career. I’m SO happy Mega is making it. I’ve been asking them for years to make this one. Now I just hope they also make it in Red and Yellow versions as well, so I can recreate my Spartan from the game.

As to when these will be available, Mega has said soon. I do know the sets are due to hit retail at the end of July. Perhaps they will hit sooner than that? We can only hope!

If you also collect Halo Mega Bloks, what do you think of the added articulation and removable armor?


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10 thoughts on “New Halo Mega Bloks Minifigures soon!

  1. WOW! i’m guessing the Call Of Duty line is teaching Halo a lesson! 🙂

    • If I’m not mistaken, Mega wanted to do this earlier with the Halo line, but wasn’t sure about fans receiving it well. Since they have accepted Call of Duty’s Mega Bloks lines, it was then easy for Mega to make the decision to switch over to the new articulation and removable armor.

  2. Added articulation is always nice and the interchangeable armor makes a lot of sense considering its based on Halo. From what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to match the existing figures too well (but that might be just me). Hopefully the base figures aren’t as hard to put together as the Call of Duty figures though -_-.

    • I’m told by Mega themselves that the figures are the same height as the previous versions. The armor looks very easy to put on. Clip-on armor. The issue I see, might be the armor being able to stay on. This especially might be the case if people put on and take off the armor over and over again. That could possibly stretch out the clip-on part.

      • Yes, they’re the same height but the interchangeable armor and added articulation seems to make the figures a little bit more bulky and not as “natural (doesn’t look as good/seamless)”. And what I meant by that the figures might be hard to put together is that the FIGURE itself (without any armor) will hopefully come assembled or will be easy to put together because from my experience, the Call of Duty set I purchased came with figures that you had to put together yourself (basically in pieces: head, torso, hip, upper arms, lower arms, upper legs, lower legs, etc.) which doesn’t seem very difficult but it was a bit frustrating for me trying to put the figure together and that’s why I hope I will not have a similar experience with the new Halo figures.

      • Ah yes. The new style figures are meant to be a little more bulky, especially the Spartans, as they are wearing a lot of armor. As for the CoD figures, I’ve only had two sets to check out. The figures were fairly easy to assemble for me, except, if I recall, the arms into the shoulder sockets. I have to admit though, when they are complete, the look great!

  3. Do you know of any scout Spartan figures? I’d also like to recreate my gaming Spartan. Great idea btw!

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