The Halo Bulletin, Episode 22

Text to follow from Jay Frechette: 

Before working at 343, I was aware of esports but it wasn’t until RTX 2013 that I really got into it. I remember sitting backstage of the qualifiers for the Halo Global Championship in complete awe of the production and competitive play. I found myself getting caught up in the high-stakes matches and becoming interested in the personal stories of pros and amateurs alike that showed up.

I’ve been hooked ever since and with the announcement of the Halo World Championship, the gamescom Invitational, and launching Halo 5: Guardians this October 27 with our new Arena multiplayer, the future of Halo esports is very exciting.

Speaking of gamescom, what a show! We made some big announcements which you can learn about in this episode including the reveal of the Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One console. It’s a beauty and you can pre-order right now.

For this episode we decided to have a bit of fun at the HCS Season 2 Finals. The entire crew of casters, hosts, and production teams are amazing at what they do and work so hard to put on these events. We appreciate their time during the event to let me goof off as their “intern” for the weekend.

For Fresh Picks make sure to check out the brand new Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer trailer where we show off unseen maps and game modes for Arena and Warzone. I can’t wait until we ship this so I can play at home with everyone.

And for a great recap of the HCS Season 2 Finals plus a personal look at Season 1 and Season 2 champs Evil Geniuses you should watch the latest HCS Update.

Thanks for watching! Make sure to tune into the next episode on August 28 where we’ll have some MEGA cool things to show you.


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  1. Very nice looking console. Can not wait until it arrives in Oct

    • What I really want is the Master Chief Controller. Now if there was a Halo 5 Guardians Master Chief console….

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