Halo Escalation #22 review (Spoilers)

If you’ve not yet had a chance to read this issue, and do not want to be spoiled on the events within, then do not read this particular article any further… You’ve been warned.

HE 22 cvr

The Custodian of the Absolute Record is tasked with ascertaining which party is the rightful reclaimers. Halsey, with the Janus Key and non humans? Or, Dr. Gassman and the Spartans?

As expected, Halsey demands she is the rightful being, exclaiming her possession of the Janus Key. She doesn’t try to persuade, rather she demands the secrets within. The Custodian will have none of it.

In the meantime, there is a second story going on within the pages. That of Spartan Thorne and the elite known as Ayit. There is a mutiny going on in Jul’s fleet over the appearance of Spartans within their ships and Jul ‘Mdama’s stating there are not Spartans on board. Ayit is trying to help Thorne get away from Covenant forces hunting for him. As Thorne is escaping, he takes a needle to his side.

Back at the Absolute Record, the Custodian offers a confirmation process. Asking the same sentence to each party. “An Intelligent and peaceful species is revealed to possess flood-resistant biological material, which can be used as a vaccine. When harvested from a live member, the chances of success are 35%. When harvested from natural death beings, success is 33%.” That’s just the set-up to the question, which is: Should this species continue to live an autonomous existence, or should it be sacrificed for the potential benefit of the entire galaxy?

As expected, Halsey choose sacrifice, while Glassman to allow to live. While each party not knowing the other’s answer, the Custodian says, “Yes, very good” to each. Hmm, strange, huh? Given the difference of 2%, even on a Galactic scale, I can see where either would be correct, thus this statement being given by the Custodian.

Now it’s the next question though… Does the ‘other’ party get confinement or be incinerated? Glassman’s party quickly says confinement. Halsey however…manages to hack into the Custodian.

Hours later, she and Jul and company find what may indeed be the collection of the knowledge of the Forerunners. Might this in fact be…the Domain???

Okay, that’s the story. Good story. I wish a little more was fleshed out. However, with only 24 pages of panels to tell it, things have to move along a bit quickly. The artwork is fantastic, and richly dark. Page 10 shows a panel of Thorne underwater. I think it’s my favorite panel of this issue. Nicely done.

What is exciting is knowing that Halo 5 Guardians will be out October 27 and issue 23 will be out there very next day! Issue 23 will be the 5th in the 6 part “Absolute Record” story arc. Will Master Chief make an appearance? Or will that wait until Issue 24/part 6???

If you’ve read this issue, I’d like to know your thoughts on the story and artwork. Reply below!

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