Arena REQ Pack coming this month to Halo 5 Guardians

I found this info via a tweet from @ChiefCanuck on twitter.

There will be an Arena REQ bundle available to purchase on February 16.

H5G Arena REQ Bundle 2-16

This will work the same way as the Warzone bundle did at Halo 5’s launch. For $25, you will receive a code that grants you 14 REQ packs. You will receive 2 of those a week for 7 weeks.

It should be important to note that in so far as we know, all the REQ cards acquired through the Arena bundle will also be able to be gained by regular REQ packs.

Here is a closer look at the middle of the image:
H5G Arena REQ Bundle Close-up 2-16It looks like we are getting a stance called ‘Old School’. Note the pistol. Could this be the Halon CE pistol?? The other cards shown are already available to earn via the January update.

There is no significant advantage to getting this pack, unless you aren’t playing often enough to get at least 2 REQ packs a week. Honestly folks, this is EASY to do! One night of gaming for no more than 2 hours will net you this…

At any rate, this will go live on the 16th. You can purchase in-game. The source link I have for this is from a page on

Source Link

Thanks again to thechiefcanuck for passing the info on to fellow Halo Fans!

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8 thoughts on “Arena REQ Pack coming this month to Halo 5 Guardians

  1. I don’t understand the point of these bundles. First of all, it says you can only redeem one Arena REQ Bundle per account. Then you don’t get all the REQ packs at once; you get 2 packs a week. And all for $25?

    The buyer does automatically get the Mark V Alpha armor set and the REQ packs are “premium” but I personally don’t think it’s worth it.

    • Agreed. You WILL get the Mark IV armor regardless, if you get enough REQ packs through normal gameplay. As for the 14 packs, I can get those in just a couple of days though gameplay. So, for me, it’s not worth it. I’m not in a rush to get the Mark IV. There are several other armor sets I want first. Fred and Linda’s armor are tops on my list (besides the Achilles which is going to take a GRIND to get).

      • How hard is it to get the armor you want? It’s all random from REQ packs right?

      • Correct. However, you can narrow some of the randomness based on what level REQ pack you buy. Typically Silver gives you 2 of any combo of uncommon/rare, while Gold gives you any combo of Ultra Rare/Legendary. However… If you have not yet unlocked all of the previous level REQs, (Common/Uncommon/Rare) for instance, when you go to buy a gold pack, there is a chance you MIGHT get one of those lower levels than an Ultra Rare/Legendary item. SO bear that in mind. You will know when it’s time to move up a level in REQ packs when you start seeing REQ cards in packs that have high level REQ points. For instance, when you’ve got nearly all the uncommons/rares from Silver packs, you’ll start to see cards that give you 1500 REQ points. That’s your indicator to move up to buying Gold!

  2. ^

    Eh. Still sounds it could be frustrating since it’s random. I mean you still don’t have all the armor you want and you’ve been playing since launch.

    On the topic of unlocks though, what has been your favorite armor unlock system in the Halo series (so far)?

    • I agree with you there. As for your question, that’s easy, Reach! You had to wait till you got to certain levels before you unlocked specific armor. That made replaying the game all the more better for me. There were armors that I knew I had to play a lot to get the credits for. Also, once you reached a certain level and unlocked the opportunity to buy armor, you got to CHOOSE which armors you wanted to unlock. In the end, I reached Inheritor as the 260 in the world to do so. And yes, I bought ALL of the armor, even ones I didn’t like so much. So the argument for that doesn’t apply to me. I’d still buy all the armor Halo 5 has, but I’d get the ones I’d want first. The randomness tends to tick people off, that I’ve seen/read. I’ve got friends who have unlocked certain Legendary armor that I still haven’t and I’m 30 levels above them. That isn’t quite fair. Doesn’t really reward those who play the game a lot and for a long time.

      • Me too! I liked Halo 3/4’s idea for the armor system but some of the challenges/achievements required for unlocking specific armor were just too annoying.

        The only thing I didn’t like about Reach’s system was the amount of credits needed to get some things. I understand why the game designers made it that way though.

      • As you progressed through the ranks, you got a lot more credits. Last I recall, I’m sitting on about 55 million credits? That number would be much higher if I were still playing Reach regularly.

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