The Month of Master Chief January 2017 (1/17) Feature 3: Crafts

Master Chief has been such a legendary character of Halo that he has inspired a great many things. From novels to building blok sets to action figures, t-shirts, cosplay armor and so much more.

Today, we’re going to focus on crafting projects made to look like our favorite Spartan!

First up is the very unique Pipe Cleaner Master Chief, with Arbiter companion.

My friend Rythmic Warrior made these some time ago. I first found them via and saw that he has plenty more Halo related pipe cleaner figures as well as a few from other franchises. You can see some of his work that I’ve previously feature HERE. In fact, if you click this link, you can find all of the articles I’ve posted that have Rhythmic’s figures in them. Much more than Master Chief. You can see all of his stuff via his DeviantArt page.master_chief_and_the_arbiter_by_isaiah14-d5jvg85

I enjoy his work. Its pretty unique and he’s got it down to a science!

Next, let’s take a look at some awesome crochet Chiefs!

Brightly colored, this Chief is a bit basic. You might say he’s the CE version of Chief. You can find this on Etsy HERE.il_570xn-439204407_cupb

This cute little guy was on Etsy as well. The page it was on has since disappeared, but I still thought it worth sharing.crochet-master-chief

Now we get into the more elaborate crochet work. Here we have what could either be a CE of Halo 2 Chief. The corchet work is fantastic. If you want this guy, you can find him HERE. It will set you back nearly $50, but honestly, for something that is handmade and pretty unique, I’d say it’s worth it. Also, you can get it in not just Master Chief green but a myriad of other colors!

Made by the same person above comes this Halo 5 Master Chief. Again, the crochet work is superb. This one only comes in green, red, blue or black. Same price as the above one. I’m really thinking about getting one of this and the other. Just something VERY different to have. Only thing is, I’ll have to keep it away from my dog, less she turn it into a chew toy…
il_570xn-934801460_e973il_570xn-934801462_ofhx il_570xn-934801470_4h30

For being made out of yarn, I’d say that’s darn good work. What do you think?

There are SO many more cool craft projects out there. For instance this homemade plush Huragok! Which you can see more of HERE.


Search these out on the web folks, you might be surprised at what you find!

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