The Month of Master Chief January 2017 (1/17) Feature 8: NASCAR Master Chief

Master Chief has bee the inspiration for many things. As we celebrate the month of Master Chief 1/17, we look at various ways and things that have been made into Chief or in honor of him.

Today’s article focuses on NASCAR.

Before Halo 5 Guardians came out, 343/Micorsoft partnered with NASCAR and Dale Earnhart Jr. to have XBOX and Halo cars. Below we see the Chief car. Emblazoned with Green, Chief’s Visor at the front and his helmet on the hood, this is a worthy ride of our favorite Spartan!Dale-Chief CarThe XBOX Car was it’s bright green. Chief and Locke were in attendance.XBOX Car with Spartans

Even the drivers got into it by wearing special made racing uniforms. Note the Armor-like graphics on the torso!H5G Drivers suit

A static shot of Chief’s car. Dale car 3-4 view

Locke, Dale Earnhart Jr., and Master Chief posing for a pic.Dale with Spartans

Kiki Wolfkill (or 343) gets into the pic. Did you know she races cars? She’s been around cars for a LONG time. This lady KNOWS how to drive and FAST!!!!Kiki with drivers and Spartans

At the track getting ready to race.Dale-Chief car at track

Chief Car Selfie??Dale-Chief car at track 2

Where the need for speed meets Master Chief!Dale-Chief car ON trrack

All I can say is WOW! I’d LOVE to have rode in that for a few laps at full speed.

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  1. I almost bought the bumper off the halo 5 car that was raced in Kansas speedway close to the launch of Halo 5. It was on ebay. I passed due to size and lack of halo on the piece. I do have both die cast replicas though.

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