3 Mattel Series 3 6″ figures previously shown WILL be released!

I’ve shown preview images of these three, though one of them was a TINY pic. Now I have news that these three are indeed being released AND I have a much better pic of that third one!

This Orange Mark VI was one of the ones I’ve shown before. (Yes, the Rocket Launcher is being held wrong…LOL)

Likewise, the Achilles Spartan is also being released.

The third I only had this small pic of with another figure.

Now I can confirm, instead of it being a Recruit Spartan as I had thought, it’s actually An EOD Spartan with an extra CQB helmet!

This is quite exciting, given that Toys R Us has closed and we weren’t sure if we’d get these in this series or a future one, if at all.

One thing of interest is that these three are noted as having Grunt Imperial build-a-figure parts and not the Grunt Ultra parts as per the rest of Series 3. Not sure if that’s a typo as the Imperial was Series 2’s build-a-figure parts.

Lastly, the Promethean Soldier seen in that tiny pic has not yet been confirmed. I am still very much hoping for that figure. Once I get any confirmation on it, you can be sure I’ll post it here on HaloFanForLife.com!

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