Public Service Announcement! Please read for your online Halo account security!

So this weekend, I came upon this site. I got the link from Instagram. Apologies I can’t recall who initially I saw it from, though I saw it three times there.

Do NOT log in to this app! It has NOT been officially recognized or endorsed by 343. I even asked Frank O’Conner, Unyshek and others from 343 for verification on this. This was but a portion of the thread response I got on twitter:
The tomorrow Frank speaks of is actually today now (Monday 1/14/19).

The app asks for your Microsoft account info. That immediately put up a red flag for me when I was perusing the site. Under no circumstance, unless you are logging into your account on MS, or, on your XBOX or speaking with XBOX Customer service should you give your account info to anyone else. Just do NOT do it. DON’T!

The creator of the site has said they gained permission from Microsoft. And that they use a third party verification system. That being: The “auth” site looks legitimate. The e-mail the app creator got might be as well. Here’s what they posted to another person on Instagram, who then shared it with me:

Since 343 seems completely unaware (and you bet Frank O’Conner would, could and SHOULD know about this), and that he will be talking about it within the company, I STRONGLY urge you NOT to sign up for this site until it’s been cleared by MS/343 themselves.

The reason I was so concerned about this app is that we’ve not had much info on Infinite. And this app is branding itself as tied to the game, though for now will only give you your Halo 5 stats. As well, in the past, going as far back as Halo Reach, I’ve had friends lose their accounts to shady sites pretending to be connected to the developer. I would hate to see ANY of you lose your accounts or worse, your credit card info if the app was fake.

If this app ends up being legit, at the least, the right parties will now know about it.

This is one case of “better safe than sorry”.


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