Toy Review: Wicked Cool Toys 12 inch UNSC Marine

Before I start the review, I would like to make note that the 12 inch line of WCT Halo figures is following the recent trend of other toy manufacturers. This is to say that the backs of the figures are flatter and there is not as much articulation as their shorter figures. The 12 inch line is most definitely meant for kids, so please consider that, as I did, when reading these reviews and should you decide to buy the figures.

Okay, let’s move on to the review.

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Ball Joint Elbows
• Swivel Joint Wrists
• Ball Joint hips
• Ball Joint Knees
Accessories: Hydra Launcher
Additional Contents: N/A
Cost: $10 (US)
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Target)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The packaging is tall and slim. The figure’s arms are slightly pinned behind the figure, with a plastic band, to allow for a tighter squeeze into the packaging. The Hydra is partially on display at the front bottom of the window. Take care to carefully cut away any plastic holding straps before trying to remove the figure.

Even with slightly less articulation than it’s smaller counterparts, the 12 inch figures can still hold weapons pretty well.

Speaking of weapons, included with the Marine is this new style Hydra Launcher coming to Halo Infinite.

As you can see by the orthogonal views below, not all dark parts are black. In fact the upper arms and shirt of the marine is a very dark green. The camo pattern is FANTASTIC.

The hole in the back of the figure allow you to stow the Hydra or any other standard weapon. Also, take a look at that detail would you? Plenty of wrinkle lines in the fabric, lots of notches in the armor, etc. For an inexpensive figure, WCT didn’t skimp here.

Here are a couple of closer shots of the (non removable) pistol and pouch. Again, some great detail here that could have easily been skipped over. I have to give WCT kudos here for adding these details.

As stated the articulation is less than the other lines. But even then, you can still get the 12 inch figures into some cool poses. Now if I just had a frag grenade to have the marine be able to toss. LOL

Sculpt: Great. Of course I’d like to see this figure not be so slim from front to back. But again, as I first noted at the top of the review, I knew that WCT was following trends here. So it was expected. Given that this figure only cost $10, the amount of detail in the sculpt here is beyond expected. 10 of 10 medals!
Articulation: This figure has a good amount of articulation. Though it can’t be posed in every which way, it should be plenty enough for younger kids. 8 out of 10 medals
Paint Application: For a figure that costs $10, I really wouldn’t expect this much paint application. I think WCT exceeded what was needed here. I’m genuinely happy with how much they put into an inexpensive figure. 10 of 10 medals.
Accessories: This figure only comes with one accessory. For the price, I’d say that’s realistic. While I would have liked a grenade, since I can see the 12 inch figs are likely for younger kids, those would either get lost or possibly swallowed. So I’m okay with the omission of that. 9 out of 10 medals
Playability: If you’re looking for as much playability with the 12 inch figures as you will get from the 6 inch or WoH line, they aren’t quite there. However, you will still have plenty of fun! 8 of 10 medals.
Overall: 45 medals out of a total 50 medals.

Do I recommend this product? For those of you who are looking for a lot of play value, maybe not. If you’re getting this for younger kids, most definitely. If you just want to collect it to display it, especially in the box? Absolutely.

Again, what you get here for just $10, is a detailed, fairly articulated, and well painted, large action figure. It’s 100% worth the price!

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