Guess who’s back, back again!

It’s been a little over three years since I last posted here on my blog.
First let me explain why.

The biggest and initial reason at the start was I was very disappointed at Halo Infinite’s release date being push back a year. This upset me so much that I felt 343 had failed us and at that time chose to not support them by not blogging.
I realize now that that was a mistake and that I should have continued to blog. Be that to vent my frustration, that were shared by others, or to continue posting whatever news and reviews I came across.
Then I got a new job with the government. That kept me pretty busy, that by the time I came home, I was pretty exhausted.
I then got Covid in July 2022. This led me to develop “Long Covid”. It’s a neurological disorder. The effects of which have greatly reduced my capacity for working long hours. I get massive migraines, vertigo, and fatigued all the time.
I started to miss work about two weeks after getting Covid, from this. This condition proceeded to get worse and I was calling off sick 2 days or so a week.
Here in the U.S. we have what’s called FMLA. That is the “Family Medical Leave Act”. It means that my employer could not fire me for missing work due to this condition. However, there is a time limit on that. Unfortunately, I had exhausted that time after 6 months.
While both my Supervisor and District Manager didn’t want to let me go, as I was their best employee, since this was a government job, they had to follow the rules.
Instead of being fired, I chose to resign. This means that should I miraculously recover, I could go back to work there. It’s unlikely though as my condition has worsened.

I am now no longer able to work a full time job. Even part time would be near impossible as my condition flairs up at irregular intervals that I can not predict when I would be healthy enough to work. Beyond walking with me usual cane, I now on occasion have to use a walker. This for stability when the vertigo is affecting me particularly hard.

In any event, over the ensuing months, I found myself gradually playing less and less Halo because my cognitive function for playing multiplayer slowed and I was becoming bad at the game.
Enter Firefight. This game mode has been a god send to me! I don’t have to solo queue in MP and can easily slay aliens.
My gaming time shot was up in December and I have been climbing the ranks in Halo Infinite quickly.

This led me to the decision to start posting here on the blog again. Though I’ve been active on twitter and instagram these past years I always was drawn back to wanting to post on my blog again.
Now that I have a renewed passion for Halo, I’m going to give this a go again.
I will say that due to my neurological condition, I won’t likely post as often. Maybe once or twice a week at best. This is mostly because I become extremely tired and get migraines when in front of a computer screens (gaming aside, thankfully! Whew).

So this all means, HaloFanForLife has become my “job”. I set my own hours and work when I can.

I hope you all will rejoin the HFFL community. I have some things planned for the “HaloFanForLife” identity. Beyond blogging, I’ve been streaming a lot lately. Please follow me there at

Thanks for reading this post and lets all help grow a positive Halo community together!


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