The Halo Bulletin 3.28.13

halobulletinheader_3-28-13This week’s Halo Bulletin brings us a recap of PAX East, Q&A regarding what was shown at PAX East, and a bevy of RED Screenshots.

By now you’ve read about or seen the vids coming out of PAX East regarding Halo 4. Arguably the biggest announcement was that of Forge Island. (Which btw is free to download RIGHT NOW!) It was slated to be released April 11. For whatever reason though, it’s been released early. I’m thinking with many having an extended weekend for Easter, 343 wanted to give people an early shot at forging on this wonderful, flat and FREE map.

Multi-team is back! Q&A regarding CSR, how it’s applied via wins/losses players played against, your own performance, etc.

Sadly no Season Two of Spartan Ops is planned at the moment. However….If you’ve been reading my blog you know that that means I’m free to explore my new web series “MaC Rounds” without worrying about steeping on 343’s toes and having to hold back production of episodes to watch what 343 does. So my series is a go full steam ahead! (On that note, I’ll be posting something in the next few days about that which is extremely important to me and how the production moves ahead.)

Talk of Forge Island takes place in the Bulletin, but again, since it’s available NOW, why not check it out for yourself? The “X” is back. No doubt if you played yesterday, you saw the “X” in matchmaking. Yes it’s white, not red. Yes, it despawns quick, depending on the player’s respawning. However, I for one am HAPPY that it’s back at all. Better than NOT having it. Are MEGA Bloks Reap-X vehicles canon to the story? Hmm, I’ll let you read that in the bulletin…

Go check out the link to see the gallery of red screenshots from Halo 4.

Peace out, I’m going to go play with Forge Island!!!

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