Fireteam Piercer Backstory: Carl “The Duke” Wayon

This is the first of FIVE backstories of my in-game Spartans. Each using a different core in Halo Infinite, I wanted to express why I chose each armor and give them each a befitting backstory.

As I post each story, I will add links to the other stories, for easy reference and switching back and forth.

After I conclude posting all five written stories, I will then begin to post the audio versions. with links after, accordingly as well.

Once that is complete, I then plan on writing the first of a hopeful series of full Fireteam Piecer stories. For now, sit back and enjoy the first installment, “The Duke” which is the backstory of Fireteam Piercer’s Leader.

Backstory: The Duke

Nicknamed the Duke after a centuries dead American Cowboy, Carl Wayon of Earth, is as stoic a Spartan as you will find, with exception to Master Chief. Wayon grew up working his family farm as his ancestors had done for the previous 600 years. As such, he knows the meaning of dedication, hard work and long laborious hours.

Carl joined the UNSC, even with the apprehension of his family, due to his self proclaimed duty to protect his family, his land, and his planet from the Covenant threat. He excelled in basic training in physical fitness, and shooting skills with standard issue magnums and battle rifles. He performed so well that he was made his company’s ‘recruit commander’. 

Wanting to do more than “just being the average grunt”, Wayon applied for and was accepted into the ODST training program. He again excelled. Now adding hand-to-hand combat superiority, quick thinking, and decision making on battlefield tactics. Upon graduation, he was granted a commission of Lieutenant and given a squad of ODSTs to lead.

During his time as an ODST, he led several successful missions against the Covenant, to assassinate High Value Targets. Upon each successive mission, his notoriety grew, having a 100% return rate for those under his command. He was quickly promoted to Captain and given a company to command. The Duke’s first mission as company commander came during the Battle of New Mombasa. This would be the cornerstone of his military career.

In charge of a couple dozen ODSTs, he and Colt company dropped into the heart of the confrontation. Thereupon, Captain Wayon and his Colt Commandos laid waste to a nearly assembled Covenant forward operations base. Killing every Covenant they found, save one jackal sniper, who managed to escape. This one misstep proved to be a heavy loss for the company. Soon after that first skirmish, they were met with heavy resistance in the form of a squad of Wraiths and two Banshees. With overwhelming force, the Covenant backlash decimated half of his troops in just the first couple of minutes. This was the first time the Duke had lost soldiers in battle. He and the rest of the Commandos fought back hard, taking a few more casualties but, ultimately winning. Having destroyed the Banshees out of the sky with well placed rockets and a lucky Wraith shot, he now had a ragtag squad of 10 ODSTs and three Wraiths.

Wayon and the Colts would continue to battle in small skirmishes around New Mombasa, surprising Covenant forces in their own Wraiths and picking up surviving ODSTs and Marines along the way. By the time of the quick exit of the Covenant from Earth, the Duke had amassed a force of more than 200 surviving soldiers. Immediately after the battle, He was given a field promotion to Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) and was now placed as leader of the newly formed platoon of Colt Commandos. Wayon and his commandos would serve a few more years together, routing Covenant forces in small and mid-sized battles.

In 2556, top brass from the UNSC came with a new offer for Wayon, “We want you to become a Spartan.” Having great respect for Spartans, he humbly accepted. It was then that he was entered into the Spartan IV program. Having much battlefield prowess, leadership skills, and experience, LCDR Wayon was put in charge of Fireteam Dragoon, a team of four Spartan IVs, after their augmentations were complete.

The Duke selected as his armor:

  • Core: Mark VII
  • Helmet: Linebreaker w/HUL [5X]/BNR/ECHELON attachment
  • Visor: Mentor’s Gift
  • Chest: UA/COG
  • Left Shoulder: UA/FLSF Type C
  • Right Shoulder: HIGHCOM Sentinel
  • Knee Pads: UA/Type MX
  • Wrist: TAC/Holodyne Milspec
  • Utility: TAC/MX CUTTER
  • Gloves: Provespa
  • Armor Coating: Gunsmoke Gold
  • Spartan Number: [REDACTED]
  • Service ID Number: [REDACTED]

Wayon stated that the overall look of his armor, evoked the lawmen of a bygone era, as it related to his nickname. As well, the three main colors of mustard gold, light denim blue, and muddy tan matched his farm’s colors.

It didn’t take long for Fireteam Dragoon to see action. The next few years saw the Dragoons in typical lightning quick hit missions to take out notable Covenant leaders. Wayon enjoyed this duty as it reminded him much of his earlier days as an ODST. Though now, he was much better armed, augmented, and armored.

The Dragoons were to be given a long overdue stay of R&R, when Wayon was sent word he was being reassigned to the UNSC Infinity to take charge of the newly formed Fireteam Piercer. Within a month after his new commission, the Infinity was sent to Zeta Halo, in what would become a fateful mission for the flagship of the UNSC.

Spartan Carl “The Duke” Wayon and his Fireteam’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Presumed to be on Zeta Halo, they are listed as MIA.