The Spirit of Fire podcast for 12.9.13. Spartan Assault on the XBOX!

We’ve not had a podcast in a month. Truthfully, there wasn’t much exciting news to report and repeating the Halo bulletin every week when I already do a synopsis of it on the blog is redundant. Anyone can reread the bulletin, so I’ve decided I won’t do that and only focus are the real news worthy topics.

In the episode Martin and I talk about Spartan Assault being released for the One and the 360, but at different times. We briefly talk about the One’s graphics, some of our favorite types of covenant, the new Dark Horse Halo comic book and more.

This is a short podcast for us at just about 45 minutes.

      SoF 12-9-13
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SoF 12-9-13
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2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Fire podcast for 12.9.13. Spartan Assault on the XBOX!

  1. Sal,

    It was great having the podcast back! I always enjoy listening to Zack, Martin, and you talk Halo. I do wonder though, no comments on the Race gametype? I tried out that playlist and, while fun, was a bit underwhelmed. Longbow with the switchbacks in the track was pretty fun, and I always enjoy Ragnarok, but I wish they would have included some forge maps in there like the ones that CHa0s posted about.

    Like you, I probably won’t get the XBox One until fall of next year (probably a Halo themed one if they make them for Halo 5). I am disappointed about having to wait on Spartan Assault for the 360 though. I understand the differences in architecture between the two consoles and that 343’s focus is on making Halo 5 the best it possibly can be, but it still irks me some.

    Hope you guys can get one more out before Christmas, but if not Merry Christmas to all!


    • Yeah, like I mentioned in the podcast, we were winging it a little this time. I also forgot to mention the NEW Creative Director for 343. I’ll be sure to do that in the next one. And yes, I plan on having another one out before Christmas. This version of race in Halo 4 is a bit underwhelming. There are TOO MANY checkpoints and they are SO bright that it makes it hard to see the track ahead of you. I really liked Reach’s version of Race the best. I wish 343 wouldn’t just toss away much of Bungie’s stuff in favor of their own development. There was nothing wrong with Reach’s race settings, IMO. Hopefully they will get enough feedback from fans and make adjustments to the playlist in the future.

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