Halo Concept Art: Reach Equipment and Characters

Today we take a peek at some equipment and spartan armor of Halo Reach.

haloreach_equipment_civilian_milling_machines_by_ryan_demitaAbove we see some machinery. You can find the mechanical arm at the bottom, on the last level of the campaign. It’s within the final room just before you climb the ladder to use the MAC canon.

I can really appreciate this piece. The shading is superb and the metallic sheen is near perfect for a piece of concept art.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_parts_powerup_mountVarious equipment packs. If I recall, the one near top right is the M-spec reentry pack.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_full_customization_concepts_by_isaac_hannafordVarious armor sets. The red color of the armor shows some of the differentiation and multiple configurations the Spartan IIIs can have.


A concept showing both the male and female default armor of Noble 6.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_full_spartan_portrait_01_by_isaac_hannafordAnother armor concept. This one makes me think ODST meets Spartan.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_full_spartan_portrait_02_by_isaac_hannafordDefault Noble 6? Some additions.

Often as is shown by the red armor pic and the one immediately above, base models are used which then have layers added to them to create a different effect.

The following are 9 graphics of Spartan helmet concepts.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_cqb_helmet_by_isaac_hannafordThe CQB helmet of Reach. While this color version didn’t make it in the game, I’m very happy that the helmet itself did.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_eod_helmet_01_by_isaac_hannafordhaloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_eod_helmet_02_by_isaac_hannaford.jpghaloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_eod_helmet_03_by_isaac_hannaford.jpgThe above three show subtle differences in the EOD helmet, most notably the visor.

Any one of those would have been great for the design in-game.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_gungir_helmet_by_isaac_hannafordHere we have the Gungnir helmet. This is the first Spartan Helmet to feature a near visor-less visage. But for the small eyehole, there is no apparent way by which the Spartan can see out. It’s presumed the helmet has a view screen within that shows the Spartan their surroundings. The design is very cool. Something even more advanced than what we’re used to for Spartans. I am glad however the Bungie stopped at this one and didn’t create anymore without visors. 

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_helmet_by_isaac_hannafordThis looks to be the final concept of the Mark V [b] helmet. here in green, ultimately as we know the default became steel in color. I love the clean lines of this design. It looks completely plausible as a helmet, even in rendered form.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_helmets_by_isaac_hannafordYou may have likely seen this image before. While some of these designs, didn’t make it into the game, it appears 343 borrowed a couple for Halo 4. The bottom left and bottom right looks similar in concept to the Orbital and Venator helmets, respectively.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_recon_helmet_by_isaac_hannafordHere the Recon helmet has had a slight redesign from previous game. I like this version a lot. For some reason, that bottom one reminds me of a snake. I can’t quite put my finger on why though.

haloreach_equipment_unsc_armor_mjolnir_helmet_skull_helmet_by_isaac_hannafordAnd finally for this article, we have the HAZOP helmet. HAZOP meaning, hazardous operations. Most people refer to it as the skull helmet though. This was one of my favorite helmet designs of Reach. Now if this had also been combined with the actual skull helmet, it would have been beyond cool.

Once again, this is a little late. Heh, I have to blame my wife on this one…She started playing the Avengers movie right next to me. That made writing this extremely long as I couldn’t help but watch most of the movie as it played. LOL.

Tomorrow we look at some of the Halo 4 counterparts to these concepts.

What was your favorite helmet in Reach and why? Let me know by replying below!


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2 thoughts on “Halo Concept Art: Reach Equipment and Characters

  1. For some unknown reason I always seem to end up using the Air Assault helmet. I can’t pick out what I like about it, just the design overall.

    I do also like the snake looking Recon helmet. Now if you could add the tooth design from the new Mega Blok ODSTs, I would use that every time!
    Maybe something for 343 to consider later, graphics that can be added to the armour? I would love to be able to add helmet graphics like eyes, teeth etc, or body details like rank, the UNSC emblem…

    • Yeah, I hear you on customization. I actually think that is going to be something we may get. Though it may come at a cost, as in micro-transactions. Meaning, real money for aesthetic looks.

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