So who is this Spartan?

Close-up H5 spartanLooking at the image of the new Spartan for Halo 5 Guardians, one has to wonder who it is. From the trailer last year, Master Chief was shown in his usual armor. So is this a different spartan then? If not Chief, then who?

My top three guesses at this point are:
• Palmer – 343 really tried to push hard on her being an integral part of Halo
• Thorne – the only other spartan whom 343 wanted to make an impact. Through the Escalation comics, we’ve seen he is Majestic’s Fireteam Leader.
• Cortana – Yes, I know…But come on… Some of us really want her BACK in Halo. Wouldn’t be amazing if she indeed DID find a way to be repaired? Now she’s become a full blown spartan as well. Think about that blue glowing visor a moment…

Any of them would be a gray pick, in my opinion. We’ll have to wait and see, but the speculation is FUN!



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3 thoughts on “So who is this Spartan?

  1. The difference in armor makes it really hard to guess. Since the new armor is much less bulky we see the shape of the individual better. At first glace this Spartan looks female because of the reduced bulk. But if you go back to Spartan Ops and compare Palmer with Thorne and DeMarco, she looks thinner than this Halo 5 Spartan. If I had to guess, I would say it is Thorne.

  2. Sal,

    Could it be possible this is the Mark VII Powered Assault Mjolnir Armor? If so, that would mean this could be Naomi-010. The ONI logo on it makes me think this is a possibility.

    Great job on all the posts. I am never getting any work done today.


    • Ah, could be. I’m pretty convinced this is NOT Master Chief at the top of the art. (I’m damn fine okay if it is too!) The Spartan at the top does seem to be a little more feminine.

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