Is Spartan “Marlowe” the new spartan of Halo 5 Guardians?

What? Who is Marlowe you say?

I have the suspicion that the new Spartan is “Marlowe”. He’s the main character of Ridley Scott’s Halo production.

The role was cast and I wrote about it just yesterday:


This makes sense due to timing of the project as well as the scope of it. It’s been said that is similar to the Forward Unto Dawn mini-series. In that we were introduced to Lasky.



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  1. While this would be interesting, I am a bit skittish at the thought of crossing story lines. One large complaint I remember many people saying when Halo 4 came out was that the story was lost on them as to really understand what was going on required knowledge of what was in the Forrunner series by Greg Bear.

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