Gamestop has Halo bundle for sale at $17.99!

Folks, this is a heck of a deal. Gamestop is selling Reach, ODST, Halo 3, and Halo 4 as a bundle. All four game for ONE price of $17.99. If there is one or another you don’t have, this is worth it. If you’ve got friends who don’t have one or some of these, get it as a gift, or split it up between yourselves.

This breaks down to $4.50 per game. That’s hard to beat! Here’s a screenshot from Gamestop’s web site follow by the link to it:
Gamestop Halo bundle ad_sm

Heh, I’m tempted to get it myself. I did just check with my local Gamestop and they have all four in stock and will honor that price as a bundle. So check your local Gamestop folks and see if they’ll honor it too!

Thanks to TeamBeyond for tweeting this out.


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    • Yes of course, but for those who might have skipped one or another, or sold off their old copies, this is a great deal to get them again.

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