Real Men of Halo

This parody was done about three years ago during HaloFest at Pax Prime 2011.

Pete Stacker who we all know as the voice of Sgt. Stacker, and some might not know is also the voice of Captain Keyes, is ALSO the voice of the “Real Men of Genius” commercials that ran a few years back.

I was rewatching some of the vids from Halofest last night and had forgotten about this one. When I watched it, I immediately laughed out loud and figured why not share this anew for those who may have never seen it at all.

So on behalf of Pete Stacked and Tim Dadabo (voice of Guilty Spark and the singer in the parody), here is ‘Real Men of Halo’

There is SO much more to the whole panel, though this is by far one of the funniest moments.

Heh, I think I need to make some more parodies of the “Real Men of Halo”. Anyone want to help out?


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