Will the remaining skins be unlocked for Halo 4?

There are three skins that currently are not available to all. Some have hacked into the game to unlock them. (I am NOT one of them as I wouldn’t do that and don’t have the slightest idea how to do so.)

So here are the three skins:

BR Blast

I’ve actually seen someone use this in game. In fact I took a screenshot of it and posted in here awhile back. It’s a fairly simple skin. The color combination actually reminds me of Titanfall.

DMR Concrete

The second skin is for the DMR and is call ‘Concrete’. I like this skin. Not over the top, yet a nice design. Orbital_SwiftAnd lastly, as you see this skin is an armor skin. It’s called Swift and is for the Orbital armor only. Now, never mind the colors (which are Christmas in nature, but do not necessarily look good on Spartans). The skin itself I think would be nice to have. I know I’d use the shoulder and forearm parts for sure.

Now, if you read who hacked these it was ‘DDEZ DROL’. He’s already been banned from Halo 4 for hacking. While I do not condone hacking, I am interested to know why these three skins were not made available for the masses of Halo fans.

Since they are out there, I’d like to see 343 release these for FREE in an update, as a thank you to fans who have stuck with Halo 4.

What do you folks think? Would you like to have these skins? Any particular one you like of the three?

Reply below and let me and the rest of the HFFL community know.



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6 thoughts on “Will the remaining skins be unlocked for Halo 4?

  1. The BR skin looks pretty cool, I’d definitely use that one. As for the DMR, I’m not entirely sold. But I agree with you on the forearms and shoulders, those would be a nice addition to my “Creamsicle” Spartan 🙂

  2. it sucks when microsoft dosen’t let you have something because your not special and you have to hack to get it like that. Like i wanted the Mark VI legendary armor SO BAD in Halo 4, but when i found out you had to be online for it, i almost broke my xbox. I Dont have xbox live

    • Well, I don’t hack. As I said, I wouldn’t. Nor do I have the slightest idea how to do so. I do understand your frustration though. Halo 5 Guardians already has pre-order exclusives. Those are for skulls you can activate. I’m hoping there are no achievements attached to them or that they would seriously help you get. I’d be a bit PO’ed about that.

  3. It would be nice but I am confused why 343 didn’t release these skins seeing as it already is in the game.

    • I hear ya. I’m also curious why they didn’t include the other two abilities that were in the game. There was also ‘teleport’ which allowed you to do just that. The other ability allowed you to temporarily stop another spartan’s ability. It was called ‘hacking’. For instance if there was a jet packing Spartan by you and you had the hacking ability, you could literally make them fall out of the sky. Hmm, two weapons skins, one armor skin and two abilities. That would make for a nice little free DLC…Now if only 343 would do just that.

      • I don’t know about teleport. It seems overpowered and we already have the thruster pack. The hacker ability is plausible though.

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