Halo Mega Bloks 2014 poster!

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Every year, Mega Brands (parent company of Mega Bloks) makes a poster showing many of the new sets coming out for that specific year. This year they’ve put together a very nice one. See below.

Halo Mega Bloks 2014 poster

In this poster you see (from top left corner going clockwise):
• UNSC Broadsword
Troop Transport Elephant (Halo Wars)
Electronic Mantis
NMPD (New Mombasa Police Department) Hornet
Wombat (that small black ship)
• The Didact – one of the figs that comes with the Broadsword set
Brute Captain
Gold Elite Minor
Flood Elite combat form
NMPD officer
Cortana – one of the figs that comes with the Broadsword set
Master Chief – one of the figs that comes with the Broadsword set
• UNSC Quad Walker (this is a reissue with a  new figure in it)

Now covering the center portion of the poster are from top left going slightly counter clockwise:
• UNSC Warthog (With two Gungnir Spartans)
NMPD Police Car with Officer
• Emile on Mongoose
NMPD Cyclops

And there are a few other mini figures shown.

These are NOT all the sets coming out though. This represents maybe half of what is to come for 2014!


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4 thoughts on “Halo Mega Bloks 2014 poster!

  1. Guess the Scarab was too big to fit in the poster 😛 Not sure if I should save up for that or get some of these sets (Halo Wars Elephant and the Broadsword are on the top of my want list as well).

    • Sounds like your decision is already made. The Scarab is AWESOME of course. It won’t be out until late this year. And judging from how the Forward Unto Dawn and the Mammoth were available for some time after they released, I’d say get those two you want first, then save up for the Scarab. Who knows, you may luck out by waiting and get it on sale.

      • I’ll probably skip the Broadsword since I only really want the figures which I can probably get in the aftermarket. The set just isn’t worth it to me even if the price per piece is pretty good. I’ll definitely get the Scarab and maybe the Elephant since I missed out on the Halo 3 version and this comes with great figures. I’ll get some of the smaller sets as well (Mongoose with a badass Emile, Wombat with Rookie, etc). All this Halo stuff is certainly putting a strain on my wallet. 🙁

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