Halo Wars 2?

Fellow Halo fans @HaloFollower explain why they believe Halo Wars 2 ins’t just a possibility, but likely. 


I have to say, after watching this, I have to agree. I for one really WANT a Halo Wars 2. The first one was a lot of fun. I can just imagine what a second one would be. Spartan IVs against Jul ‘Mdama’s covenant forces? Hmm, perhaps the Arbiter vs Jul ‘Mdama? How about Spartans against Forerunner Promethean Knights? There is SO much potential here.

Now with the Halo Master Chief Collection coming in November and Halo 5 Guardians coming next year, I do not see Halo Wars 2 until possibly 2016.  This would give us three straight years of Halo releases.

How about you folks, want a Halo Wars 2? Reply and let me know.


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6 thoughts on “Halo Wars 2?

  1. My god, if they had 3 straight years of halo releases. that would be awesome! by 2016, ill be in 10th grade. So if one thing is making my life go faster than it should its halo. But still there is alot of potential like you said. arby vs jul, spartan vs covie vs fore. its endless!

  2. I agree with the 2016 mark. I could even see an April 2017 release to match the spring release date of the first game. But anyways, I was listening Podtacular and one of their guest speakers was talking about how halo wars 2 can implement kinect features And control your troops. Unsure how it exactly would work but me picturing myself verbally moving my armies seems awesome.

    • Yeah, I can see an April 2017 release. Makes sense. Also, that would put it smack in the middle of the 3 year Halo FPS cycle. Using Kinect to control your troops does sound like a cool idea. Hmm, looking ahead to E3 2015 now. Of course there will be Halo 5 Guardians stuff to promote. It would be nice if 343 also showed something for Halo Wars 2 then, even if it doesn’t come out until 2017.

  3. All sounds fairly vague for now, but I personally would love another instalment. I think that it would play awesome with kinect and could really take advantage of the device for Xbox One. Aside from UI navigation I still haven’t used my Kinect for much – if this came out and utilised it I would instantly feel that the price I paid for the unit (now that the Kinect has been dropped as optional) was justifiable. It would be able to support a huge range of commands too, so could be made extremely tactical. Better than just the standard ‘Select Ghosts’ you would assume. Imagine being able to say ‘Alpha Squad strafe ‘s primary base and attack in 90 seconds”.

    Would be awesome…

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