Forge ideas for Halo 5 Guardians.

I came upon this video through a link on HaloWaypoint. The fellow narrating the vid does a great job of explaining not just what some of the community wants, but WHY it would be beneficial for the next Halo game. Have a look: 

I really like how he also added in texture to objects as well as weather and terrain effects. Those are things that Forge desperately needs to make maps look different from one another. Reach’s forge, while good, failed in those areas mentioned above. Halo 4 was barely any better when it came to textures. Sure, some map specific objects had textures. However, why should we be limited to just one specific map for those textures?

After watching the vid, what is your opinion on the suggestions?


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2 thoughts on “Forge ideas for Halo 5 Guardians.

  1. I don’t mess around in Forge too much, but these ideas seem very interesting to me. There are some similarities to what petetheduck put together, but more options, especially weather and textures would make some really interesting maps.

    Of course, if there was a Project Spark type terrain editor that would just be unbelievable. I can only imagine what maps would be made…

    • Heh, if we got something like Project Spark for Halo Forge… I think many a forger would die happy. ENDLESS possibilities.

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