New Halo Pipe Cleaner figures, by Isaiah! Elites and Red Team

I’ve featured Isaiah’s pipe cleaner Halo figures on the blog before. He does some really great work with them to make Halo figures.

Also, of note, Isaiah is also one of HFFL’s newest Gaming Group members, going by the GT of Rhy7hmicW4rrior.

Here are most of his latest batch of figs, followed by the links to the previous 3 articles about his work.

Above is a fantastic Elite Zealot. I didn’t know pipe cleaners came in that wine color. Great job Isaiah!special_operations_elite_by_isaiah14-d7rfsmu
The Spec Ops Elite above looks ready for some action!elite_officer_by_isaiah14-d7rfrd1
Another great color, the Elite Officer decked out in game accurate orange!r_tas_vadumee_by_isaiah14-d7rfq05
R’Tas Vadumee! Isaiah even managed to show that R’Tas is missing on mandible. Excellent attention to detail!the_arbiter_by_isaiah14-d7rfpsl
The Arbiter. I haven’t asked him, so he can correct me here, but I think this is supposed to be the Arbiter from Halo Wars. SHINY!elite_minor_by_isaiah14-d7rfovs
Superb Elite Minor above. Man, how is he able to get so much detail out of pipe cleaners? The thigh armor overhang, the helmet.

And finally, Spartan Red Team.spartan_red_team_by_isaiah14-d5uv9fzNote that Isaiah got the markings and emblems worked into his figures too. 

I’ve told him, he should consider selling these on I’m sure he’d be able to sell them. They really are cool figs. He mentioned to me about sending a couple to show at the 2nd Annual HFFL LANstravaganza (Aug 16, Pittsburgh PA). I sure hope he does. I’d LOVE to see these in person!

Below are the links to the previous three articles I did on Isaiahs Halo Pipe Cleaner figures.

UNSC, Grunt, and Flood
Spartan Blue Team

Now tell me folks, does this inspire you to make your own pip cleaner figures or what? Heh, I’m surely tempted to.

I’ve asked him to make a Cortana fig. That’s a bit more of a challenge, so let’s see if he’s up to the task! LOL.


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  1. he should sell them, i couldnt afford them, but if i could i would!

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