The official FULL Halo Nightfall trailer (potential spoilers)

Okay, this is even BETTER than the Docu-trailer I just posted.

A former Spartan in the mix? OMG!!!


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2 thoughts on “The official FULL Halo Nightfall trailer (potential spoilers)

  1. This looks amazing! I cannot wait. I wonder what those things at 01:54 are? Shouldn’t be flood, despite them being on the wreckage of Installation 04 – the Flood are parasites that take over hosts, not conglomerate worm-like things that mimic a person’s shape. My instinct is that it’s a new type of lekgolo (hunter worms) – one that can mimic the shape of other species in order to spy or something like that. In any event, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

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