New Spartan Strike Artwork and Gameplay Screenshots direct from XBOX

Okay folks as stated in the title, here are some great new pieces of artwork and screenshots. These come from XBOX (press release), not another source.

Here is the branding artwork for the game.

Hmm, the one below might make for an epic Jack O’ Lantern…Halo-SpartanStrike-Icon-On-BLACK-RGB-jpgHalo-SpartanStrike-Logo-On-BLACK-RGB-jpgHalo-SpartanStrike-Logo-On-WHITE-RGB-jpg

Now let’s move on to the artwork.Halo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Ancient-Enemies-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Holdouts-jpg
The one below is really cool, given the splintering of the Promethean Knights.Halo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Knight-Strike-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Oscar-Mike-jpg

This one has just become my new background!Halo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Storm-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Cinematic-Wavefront-jpg

Now let’s take a look at gameplay screens in hi-def.Halo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-City-Tour-jpg

Wow, the richness of color in the shot below!Halo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Core-Research-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Don-t-Look-Down-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Grizzly-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Jungle-jpg
I’m really liking the foliage in this game. Looks much better than Spartan Assault, IMO.Halo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Kestrel-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Pathways-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Pylons-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Regeneration-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Root-of-the-Problem-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Scattershot-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Shielded-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Warthog-Rampage-jpgHalo-Spartan-Strike-Gameplay-Weapons-Research-jpgMan, I wish this were coming to the XBOX One on release day, instead of just Windows devices…Hopefully we’ll only need wait for a  few months (or less) like we had to for Spartan Assault.



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