Promethean Pipe Cleaner figures!

Once again my good friend, Rhythmic Warrior, brings us some very cool Halo pipe cleaner figures. This batch is all Promethean!

Click pics to make bigger.

Starting off we have a crawler.promethean_crawler_by_isaiah14-d8xxi37

Next up is a crawler snipepromethean_crawler_sniper_by_isaiah14-d8xxijv

and the Alpha Crawler or crawler prime. I like this one best of the crawlers.promethean_crawler_prime_by_isaiah14-d8xxf6x

His Watcher is fantastic!promethean_watcher_by_isaiah14-d8xxgpc

Here’s a Knight Lancerpromethean_knight_lancer_by_isaiah14-d8ylvhe

The Knight Commander looks menacing!promethean_knight_commander_by_isaiah14-d8yly18

And finally a Knight Battlewagon!promethean_knight_battlewagon_by_isaiah14-d8ylwu9

Given the scale of these figures and the medium he uses, I think he does an excellent job, recreating the characters. What do you think?

Isaiah (Rhythmic Warrier) has a lot more Halo pipe cleaner figures on his deviant art page as well as some from other video games. Go check them out!

Oh and please, do not steal these photos to post elsewhere. I was given permission to post these. At least give HFFL credit for sharing the news and most definitely Isaiah as the original artist. Those are his pics/his property.



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