Fan Made Didact Helmets for sale!

My friend, Keith Muelas makes Halo masks. When I saw he was in need of funds and was selling DIdact masks, I knew I had to help him out and post an article here!

I make all of my Didact Helmets. They are made out of Smooth Cast 320 which is a two-part urethan resin plastic. Raw castings are $80 shipped, while Complete Castings are $200 shipped.

Raw Castings will need to be cleaned up, sanded, painted, and have visors installed. They are simply just raw castings straight out of the mold.Didact RAW mask Keith Muelas

Complete castings are padded on the inside, ready to wear as soon as it is received.Didact Finished mask Keith Muelas

I have them available for purchase on Etsy here:
However, they are at an increased price due to the Etsy fees. If anyone is looking to take advantage of the lower cost point, I take payments through Paypal and can be contacted at [email protected].
– Keith Muelas

These are works of art folks. That I know of, there isn’t an official license Didact helmet out there. This is the closest you’re going to come to one and they are beautiful! Help yourself and Keith out by getting one. And of course, let me know if you do. I’d be happy to share pics of you with yours on the blog.

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