Halo Product Review: Dark Horse UNSC Infinity

I don’t just review toys ya know! LOL

DarkHorseComicsLogo I finally got my hands on the UNSC Infinity! Well, a scaled down replica of it, anyway…

This model originally sold for between $50-60 depending on where you couild get it from. I was fortunate enough to find this at my local Target, on sale, for $35!!

The box art is nice. You see a view of the whole model.dh-unsc-infinity-box

When you open the box up, you slide out this ‘brick’ of styrofoam.dh-unsc-infinity-styrofoam-brick
Within that is the Infinity and a stand. dh-unsc-infinity-styrofoam-open

The stand is pretty sturdy, having a solid metal rod protruding from it to place the ship on. It’s emblazoned with the UNSC logo! On the bottom of the stand are a few felt pieces to keep from scuffing up furniture. Printed on the bottom are the Halo logo, trademark info and where it was made.dh-unsc-infinity-stand

Here is the Infinity from the side. It’s got lots of good detail for it’s size. As you may see, there is a black UNSC logo at the front (left in the pic below) and the text “UNSC INFINITY” in white along the side. I do wish the blue glow from the Forerunner parts near the rear engine were distinct. I guess if you really want to, you could paint it though. The prongs sticking out on the top and bottom kind of detract a little from the model. While they are supposed to be there, two on my model were slightly bent.dh-unsc-infinity-length-detail

Here you can see the hole in the bottom of the model where the metal pin is inserted to allow for the ship to rest on.dh-unsc-infinity-hole

Ugh…my pin was bent (came ike that). So that is what is atrributing to the list of the ship. I did try carefully to straighten the pin, but didn’t want to force the issue and possible break the stand.dh-unsc-infinity-back-front

At 3/4 side view though, this model looks FANTASTIC! Again, lots of detail in the sculpt.dh-unsc-infinity-3-4-views

Is it worth it? At the price I paid of $35, yes. $50-60? Hmm, I’m inclined to say no. More paint detail and a straight metal pin and the prongs comgin from the ship being straight would have likely pushed me to say yes.

Regardless, we aren’t likely to see too many UNSC Infinity models. This may be your only chance. So if you see it and have been wavering on buying it, I do suggest getting it. If anything, it would make a great gift for the fellow Halo fan in your life!


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