Mega Construx Toy Review: Turret Takedown

Mega Construx Turret Takedown

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: Sorting 1 minute, Build 3 minutes
Set Piece Count: 98
Minifigures: Spartan Hazop, Grunt Conscript
Weapons: Shotgun, Plasma Pistol
Accessories: X2 figure stand, Covenant Power Core, 6 trans-blue projectiles
Special Features: x2 Projectile Launchers
Cost: $10 Dollar General Exclusive (US)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The front of the package shows the set in a cool action shot. Pardon the yellow $10 sticker as that was put on there by Dollar General. An attempt was made to remove it for a clean pic, but the box paper tore. (Thankfully, I took the pre-sticker removal shot as well.)

You get a small instruction manual and four bags. Of those, two bags are for the figures, while the others are pieces for the set.

All the pieces sorted out.

The turret is very easy and quick to build. Here you build the three legs and the body.

Add on the handles and launchers and you’re done. EASY PEASY!

For figures, we get a Green Hazop Spartan

Orthogonal views of the Spartan

And a Grunt (Conscript), though this could be just any regular Grunt Minor from the franchise. See below in ortho views.

And the completed set, along with the additional projectiles included. (You get 6 of those in total)

Now, this set doesn’t have an official Alternate build like many of the Halo Infinite sets do. However, I wanted to try my hand at it to see if I could come up with something cool.

So here, I present to you the “Banished Haunt“. (My made up name for this vehicle.) And yes, this is made entirely from the set, using all the pieces, NO ADDITIONAL PIECES from other sets. So yes, if you get this set, you can make this very same vehicle!

Whoops, just realized, I didn’t show the Grunt with his hands on the handles…Here ya go!

The Grunt fits in there nice and tight, either way, with hands on/off the handles. Though a little tighter with hands on.

Summary: The set’s build time is extremely short and can be done in one sitting. I like the amount of dark red pieces. The figures are good choices and the buildable wall is a nice little set piece if you make dioramas.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out of 10 medals.
Why did I give it a 9 out of 10?

• The reason I gave this set a 9 is that the figure choice was good. I like green color spartans and am always happy to get an army builder, in this case a Grunt.
• The Turret is decent enough and I like the buildable Banished wall.
• The only reason it didn’t get a 10 is I do not like the exposed silver studs on the turret and I think the wall could have benefitted from just a few extra pieces to bulk it out a little.

Here’s my opinion on the break down of the value of this set. (In US dollars)
• Each figure, with stand and one weapon I place at $3.50 each. Total $7
• The remaining pieces easily make up for the $3. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, with my alternate build, I think you’ve got a neat little $5 vehicle there. So $5 for the rest of the set pieces.
TOTAL: $12 (before tax and in U.S. dollars) 

Given that the set is $10 at retail, I think this set is either right on par or slightly above retail value. IMO, it’s worth an additional buy!

Do I recommend it?  Most definitely!! This is a neat little set with two good figures and a turret and buildable wall for set dressing of dioramas. My ALT build makes me want to get more of this set.

If you have any questions about this set that I didn’t cover in the review, please do not hesitate to ask me. Either reply below or e-mail me at [email protected].

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