Toy Review: Mega Construx Halo Infinite Series 1 Blind Bags


Mega Construx Halo Infinite Series 1 Blind Bags

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1-2 minutes building each figure.
Set Piece Count: varies by figure
Minifigures: Imperial Grunt, Elite Minor (purple), Marine, Mk VII Blue Spartan, Active Camo Master Chief, Yellow Gungnir Spartan, Blue Holographic Pilot, Buildable Pelican
Accessories: In order from above: x2 Sticky Grenades, Energy Sword, Assault Rifle, Brute Shot, Battle Rifle, Carbine, Sidekick pistol, buildable stand
Special Features: Removable Armor, angular plate (used as figure stand)
Cost: $3-3.50 US (Mass Retail) ONE figure per pack OR Ship parts in the case of the Pelican

Here is a look at the front of the bling bag for this series.

Here are the 7 figures, flood and the Pelican that come with this series.

Note that the Gungnir and Holographic Pilot are the “Rare” figures, the Pelican is the “Ultra Rare” figures and the rest are “Common”.

There is a separate instruction sheet for the Pelican, which I’ll show later.

First let’s take a look at the individual figures, shall we?

Imperial Grunt

This Grunt comes with 2 sticky grenades and a green plate to use as a stand. This is a fantastic army building figure! I’m always happy to have more grunts. Especially, when they are the more rare types, like this one.

Here are orthogonal views of the Grunt. Note that the two very dark grey “buttons” on the sides of the tank are individual pieces.

Elite Minor (Purple)

The Elite comes with an energy sword and a mottled tan plate. This Elite is a good army builder. It’s exactly the same as the blue one that comes in the Halo Infinite Mongoose set, but at a cheaper price!

Orthogonal views of the Elite.

UNSC Marine

The Marine has an Assault Rifle with no attachments. It also comes with a mottled tan plate. Wow! Three army builders in one blind bag series!

Views of the Marine. Note that this Marine is different from the ones in the Mongoose set as he has a pale complexion and no facial hair. As well, it’s knee pads are not black, like the Mongoose set Marines are.

Blue Mark VII Spartan

This Spartan comes with a silver Brute shot. Hmm, does this mean that weapon appears in Halo Infinite?? It also has a mottled tan plate.

Orthogonal Views of the Blue Spartan. I REALLY like this armor! Feels like a progression of Chief’s armor.

Active Camo Master Chief

Chief comes with a Battle Rifle that has no attachments. He has a clear plate.

Orthos of Chief. Excuse the slightly purplish look to the torso. That’s in part due to lighting and the thickness of the torso itself.

Yellow Gungnir Spartan

This figure comes with a Carbine and a green plate.

Orthos of the Gungnir. I really like the color choice here. The shoulder armor makes the spartan look buff too! By the way, this is a FEMALE Spartan! You can tell by the hips of the torso piece as the curve much more inward than the Blue spartan does.

Holographic Pilot, as in THE Pilot

The Pilot is an already beloved character, even though we do not know much about him (as of this writing). You long time readers know I LOVE see-through toys. This one is the gem of the figures, IMO, of this series. He also comes with a translucent blue plate.


His helmet is removable. Looking kind of frosty, isn’t he? LOL

Okay, let’s take a look at the Pelican now!

Here’s the insert sheet for that.

The parts are all sorted out.

This is a pretty simple build. Here is the body of the ship.

The wings and engines are attached. They can be posed in many ways.

Orhto views of the Pelican.

Here’s a topside view of the Pelican as well. Note, each square is ½ inch. So this Pelican is 3 ½ inches long.

Do I recommend it?  Most definitely!!! This is an army builders dream with the Grunt, Elite and Marine. Having two named figures helps as well. That they are both translucent is awesome, IMO. The gungnir armor is a favorite of mine and I really dig the new Mark VII armor. And my oh my that Pelican! I LOVE that Mega is including micro ship builds in the blind bag series. I feel that really adds to the collectability of these blind bag series.

The Halo Infinite 1 Blind Bag series is solid. Good figure and color choices. Excellent micro build ship to include. I give this a solid 10 of 10 medals overall!

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